Squirt is a cheeky webzine that's updated on an irregular basis. We really can't remember the details behind the name, and it's not important. Basically we thought it would be cool to say stuff like "Gettin squirty with: " when we interview our special guests.

So when we say 'squirty' we mean it's all good.

As an unexpected bonus, 'squirt' pops up in a lot of naughty searches. Oh, so that's how you found us?

(Later we changed the name to Squirtonline because that domain was available.)

Huzzah. Now on to the sections:

advice: Your average saucy advice column, featuring Squirtonline's very own space-age advice columnist, Chloe. Chloe does her best to help, but please remember she is not a professional therapist and thus her suggestions are for entertainment purposes only.

tales from the peeps: Another chance for you to interact with Squirtonline. We're looking for true stories: confessions, tales of the supernatural, horror work stories, dumping your loser significant other, brushes with greatness, just to name a few. Your basic juicy read. We'll accept fiction, as well.

Always let us know if you want your secret identity preserved. We've put up a form in each case to make things easier for you. Yay.

Privacy Policy: Your information is not collected, retained or shared by Squirtonline.com. This site does not use cookies. Information you provide is used with your permission as content on this site, or to communicate with you and only you. There are some third-party affiliate links on the Links page, which means we make a small commission if you buy something from them. The third-party affiliate will track your purchase in order to give us credit for the transaction.

fortune: ask the Magic Eight Ball a question! For important business decisions. (On the fritz.)

So, we want to hear from you mugs. Especially if you think we're too whiny or smug. We hate that. Please, don't be shy! You're probably smarter than we are anyway.

If you want to know anything else, just ask.

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