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Today's Column: Do I move near my online girlfriend?


Dear Chloe,

I am considering moving to another state to take a job with a good company just so I can finally be near the girl of my dreams. I met her online, and have yet to physically meet her. Am I making a big mistake? Help me before I make the BIG leap, and then find out there's no water in the pool.


Am I Crazy?


Dear Crazy,

In a word, are you nuts??

By all means, move for the job if it's the right opportunity. But not for the chick. Has she ever said that you're the guy of her dreams? If so, then you're both living in a fantasy world. (Although I'm sure she's lovely and all that). At least meet her first, otherwise, it could be tragic. (But if it doesn't work out, I'm certain that you can meet someone else at the mall.)

tout jamais,


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