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Today's Column: How do you measure bra sizes?


Dear Chloe,

I have a question. I am just curious, but how do you measure bra sizes?




Dear Keith,

For best results, have someone else measure you. If in-between sizes, buy the larger size.

Measure Band Size:

Measure below bust and shoulder blades, then add five inches. If you get an odd number (like 35), round up one (to 36).

Measure Bust Size:

With clothes off, measure around fullest part of bust.

Compare bust measurement to band measurement:

DifferenceCup Size
0 in.AA
1 in.A
2 in.B
3 in.C
4 in.D
5 in.DD
5.5-6.5 in.DDD & F
6.5-7.5 in.G (yeow!)
Of course, you'll still have to try it on. I don't know the policy regarding men in the women's dressing rooms. Good luck with that.

tout jamais,


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