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Today's Column: What to do if you're on a game show.


Dear Chloe,

Here's a puzzler for you:

You are playing a game. In the game, there are three doors with prizes hidden behind them. One door hides a new car while the other two doors hide goats. If you pick the door with the car behind it, you win the car.

You pick a door. At this point the game host opens another of the doors, revealing a goat. Now the game host offers you the opportunity to change your pick to the other door.

Should you switch?




Dear malp,

Statistics say I should switch. Here's why: if I stay with my original choice, that would be the same as a one in three chance of winning the car. If I switch, I am starting over with a one in two chance of winning the car. However, since this is me we're talking about, anybody wanna buy a pet goat?

Hugs and kisses,


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