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Today's Column: Does he like me?


Hey Gang!

I've got a lot of people asking me, how can they find out whether their crush likes them, or how can they approach their crush without looking like a dork. Sure, you could check out the Squirtonline survey, How to Tell if Someone Likes You, but some of you bravehearts must have hooked up with your honeys (I sure hope so!) So tell me, what worked for you? Let me know and I can tell the peeps!



Dear Chloe,

OK, if a guy likes you would he talk to you, and say "hi" first? Would he repeat himself when he talks to you?...See... I like this guy, I think this guy might like me, but I think he should know that I like him [I do things such as, walk past his house (I do live by him so it's not like I'm stalking him!), and I talk to him occasionally.] I now see him at his work, so in your opinion, do you think he likes me?




Dear offspring13,

In my opinion, I don't have enough information to give you an opinion on whether this guy likes you or not. So I'll just shoot from the hip, like I usually do.

Yes, if a guy digs you, he's gonna say hi and make nice chitchat. But he might do that even if he doesn't like you. Some people are just, you know, "friendly."

I don't see any significance in him repeating himself. Either he's not really paying attention to what he's saying, or he thinks you aren't, or he's got terrible short term memory. Or he just likes repeating himself and nobody told him how annoying that is. None of which, are good signs.

Now, about his being able to pick up on your clues... Well, possibly, he might make a connection, if he were a master of deduction. No, not even then. Your "signals" are anything but clear to someone who can't read your mind. Look who you're dealing with: Jarett had a girl make out with him, and he still wasn't sure what her deal was. So walking and talking in his general direction isn't enough, unless you're arriving on his doorstep with an invitation in your hand.

 Bonus question!

Dear Chloe,

Can you tell how much a boy likes you by the way he kisses? I've been going out with this boy who likes kissing my neck and he's always gentle when he's kissing my mouth but does he really like me or is he just trying to get in my pants?




Dear Vanilla,

Yes, yes and yes.

P.S. As long as he wants to kiss you, and you like what he's doing, there's no cause for concern. Never do anything you're not comfortable with. Always protect yourself.

Hugs and kisses,


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