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Today's Column: Problems with the opposite sex, part IX.


Dear Chloe,

I have known this guy practically a year, we met through some friends. The first time we met we were inseparable. We talked about everything and related on so many levels. Well after that, we talked online a few times and then exchanged phone numbers. He called me one night unexpectedly and we talked for about 3 1/2 hours about everything from our hairstyles in high school to our family life...many people assume we are together or that we should be together...we see each other often...I really enjoy his company and his personality, he is absolutely handsome and so smart...he said to one of his friends that I was cute and he considers me a really good friend...but during our interactions we have total eye contact, touching of the arms, and we share laughs...help, what should I do?




Dear Sal,

It's scary making the first move, but it sounds like you two are boyfriend and girlfriend...without actually being boyfriend and girlfriend. A year is kind of a long time to be spinning your wheels. Tell him how you feel!


Dear Chloe,

There is this girl I have known for a while now, and I really like her. So the other day I told her how I feel and she said that she feels the same way and would date me if she weren't taken already. Her sister says that her boyfriend is a jerk and it won't last, but I really like this girl, so what should I do?




Dear hu,

There really isn't anything else for you to do, except start feeling around for another girl. Her sister may say the boyfriend's a jerk, and she may be correct, but right now they're still together.

I don't know how long this relationship can last if she does have feelings for you. She may have just said that to let you down easy - I don't know. But you've done everything you can, so now it's wait-and-see time. The wait and see is often underrated. It clears the head, puts things in perspective, and makes you look not desperate. Sometimes, the wait-and-see reveals a cutie whom you hadn't noticed before, or who hadn't been available. And sometimes, by not being pushy, you get what you wanted after all.


Dear Chloe,

Hey, there's this cute guy that always stares at me at school. One time he and I came out of class at the same time, I stopped to pull my pants over my shoes, he stood there for a sec and stared right into my eyes, then we both walked away. There's this other time when I was sitting on the grass he looked at me as he was passing by on his skateboard. I don't talk to this guy, I don't really know him, either. Does he like me? What do you think I should do? Cause I think I like him.




Dear Sha,

If he's always staring at you, and I'm assuming this occurs more than the two times you mentioned, and you like him, why don't you smile at him and say hi the next time you make eye contact?

You could wait and wait for him not to make a move, or you could lose him to another cutie who asks him out first.


Dear Chloe,

How do I dump this female in the nicest and smartest way?




Dear down,

The nicest and smartest way to end a relationship is to do it in person, quickly and firmly and without delay. Just like you'd remove a Band-Aid. Try to avoid getting dragged into a nasty shouting match.

It sucks to be the dumper almost as much as being the dumpee. So don't let her manipulate you into hanging around. She's going to get hurt no matter what you do, but that's OK. She'll get over it if you make a clean break and keep your distance. Just remember that you're actually doing her a favor.


Dear Chloe,

Okay... I'm a Junior... well, there is a Freshman that acts like he likes me a lot... he's constantly poking me and tickling me... and he's driving me crazy... but in a good way. There wouldn't be anything wrong with it that I see, except that one of his friends, who is a Senior, really likes me too...





Dear Stuck,

So one of his friends likes you, too. So what?

Very often, friends dig the same person. That's a problem for them to work out, not you.

Hugs and kisses,


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