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Today's Column: Problems with the opposite sex, part X.


Dear Chloe,

I am 25 years old. There is a guy that I very much like, we keep looking at each other off and on. Recently I looked at him, and caught him looking at me, but he turned off fast. I know he knows I have a boyfriend. I keep wondering why he does not approach me. What do you think?




Dear pet,

I think he's not going to approach you because he knows you have a boyfriend. Some people respect those boundaries.

See, you're supposed to end one relationship BEFORE you pursue another. So you can reflect on what you want and don't want in your next boyfriend. This way you don't make the same mistakes, and you're not doomed to an endless string of unsuccessful relationships.


Dear Chloe,

Another day, another little girl thinking about her crush...

I've known this guy for three years now, and we have a lot of common interests. Recently, though, I developed a huge crush on him and decided that I would swallow my pride and take our relationship to the next level. I call him every day, and we have great conversations. In fact, I asked him to my high school's homecoming dance last Saturday and we had a great time. The problem is, I'd like to be his girlfriend, but he's never told me just how he feels for me. Because of this, I can't help but think that because he hasn't said anything it means that he's definitely not interested.

If that weren't enough, one of my guy friends (who happens to be his friend as well) asked him what he thought about me without me knowing. Apparently my crush said that he finds me attractive, would like to get to know me better, and would seriously consider dating me.

I'm so confused! Help!




Dear chik,

Have you actually told him how you feel? I mean, you've been hanging out for three years, and now that you're crushing on him, he's supposed to know that by inference? Well, let me tell you something. A lot of guys are just plain clueless. Unless you specifically tell him, "Hey, I like you," he might not get it.

He even told his friend that he's attracted to you and he'd like to get to know you better. So perhaps he doesn't know about your crush. Maybe he just needs a little encouragement from your end.


Dear Chloe,

I'm 13 years old, in the eighth grade and my name is Burgin. This girl on my bus is 12 years old and she is in seventh grade. She always sits right behind me and she tickles my ears and touches my head, I like her but I'm not sure if she likes me, is she flirting with me? Does she like me?




Dear Bur,

She probably does like you. So when she's tickling you, why don't you turn around and smile at her and talk to her? It's not that difficult.


Dear Chloe,

Hey, there's this really cute guy in my class and I have a crush on him. The problem is that all my friends think that he's a jerk. And sometimes he gets pissed off really easily. In band, he keeps on making funny faces at me, trying to crack me up. So does he like me? Please help!!!




Dear Con,

It's hard to say from your letter. I'd be a little concerned about why your friends think he's a jerk. Could it be because he has a short temper? That could be serious. I mean, if your friends unanimously don't like him, there's probably a good reason.

Ask your friends why they think he's bad news. Besides his cuteness, what do you like about him? Because if he gets pissed off pretty easily, he's going to get pissed off at you. I think you should look around for somebody else.


Dear Chloe,

Well, here's the deal, I met this guy a few weeks ago and we've always had a crush on each other and now we started talking and we kiss like we're together but now he doesn't call me anymore, so I don't know if he likes me or what? What should I do?




Dear Ash,

Stop kissing him and call it a day. Traditionally, not calling is the coward's way of saying he wants out.

Hugs and kisses,


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