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Today's Column: Problems with the ex, or soon to be.


Dear Chloe,

Man, listen yo, check this out, see, I am having problems with my ex-girlfriend. See, we broke up two months ago, I still love her, and she still loves me, but every time I'm around her, she tries to make me jealous by flirting with other dudes around me, do I have a reason to get mad?




Dear Scoo,

Yo. No.

My personal policy -- flirt with the person you're with. If you're in a group of good friends, a little good-natured light and breezy flirting is OK. But your main squeeze should be getting most of your attention. The golden rule is a great gauge - are you doing something that you would want done to you?

But she's your ex-girlfriend, so as far as I'm concerned, everything she does is moot. She can flirt with whomever she damn pleases. Your jealousy is inappropriate, so get over it.

Is there another issue here? Like, you want to get back together? Because, of course, seeing her flirt with other guys is going to drive you nuts. Make a clean break, put a lot of space between you two. Give yourself some relationship-free time, then start looking around for another girl.


Dear Chloe,

This is Cindy.

Can you please give me the top signs if my boyfriend wants to break up with me?

That will be so nice of you, thank you very much!!




Dear Cindy,

It's kind of hard to disguise a lack of interest. Is he not as affectionate? Just doesn't want to be bothered? Does he seem distant more often than not? Spends less time with you, more time with his buds? Is he losing patience with you? Is he less...nice? Stuff like that.

Spineless guys will stop initiating and returning phone calls, break plans or just not show up. They'll make excuses, but his actions are what's important. If you're being neglected, it's probably time to call it a day.

Hugs and kisses,


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