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Today's Column: Boys asking about girls and...vice versa!


Dear Chloe,

There is this guy in my college that I like so much, but I don't know him very well. Anyway, I have his number but I didn't get it from him but from his friend in class (they are just associates in class) and now, we are already out of school and I want to call him and tell him how much I like him. The problem is that I didn't get the number from the guy I liked and it bothers me to call. Anyway, every time he saw me on school grounds, he always said hi to me and in class, we smiled at each other every time we talked. One day he was talking to a boy in class about a party he went to or had and just to try to get his attention, I flirtingly inquired why didn't he invite me and he said loudly that he didn't have my phone # to call me. (I didn't give it to him because I was perplexed.) After that he kept turning around to look at me (did that about eight times and I acted like I didn't notice). I thought this might be a sign he liked me. So do you think I should call him or what because I dig him so much.




Dear kennyolo,

What is the big deal about calling him up? But instead of telling him that you like him, ask him out or invite him to something non-threatening. Or wait til you're back in school and talk to him for real instead of all this inscrutable crap that doesn't go anywhere. See, when you act all cool and ignore his attentions, that's a turn off. He's going to assume you're not interested. When someone claims he would have invited you if he had your number, offer it to him. If he doesn't call you, then at least you know for sure. You've got to jump on these opportunities, make a move or move on.


Dear Chloe,

I like this guy in my class, but I don't know if he likes me. What should I do, should I tell him the truth, which is that I've liked him from the beginning of the year and that I think he's cute, or should I keep it a secret, and just like him and wait for him to say something? I just really don't know.

Thank you for the help.




Dear cnj,

The wait and see doesn't work if you haven't made contact yet. Wait for him to say something? Not going to happen.

I wouldn't tell him how much you like him, etc. because that might freak him out a little -- too much, too soon. Why don't you just ask him out or invite him to something harmless first? You've got to take baby steps.


Dear Chloe,

I met this guy during the summer and we became really good friends. He is in my family but on the other side. Well, he started to like me and I started to like him, too, so we kept in touch over the internet. We were going to chill again and like hook up when I was in NJ. Well what happened was, I brought a friend with me to see him when I went and he ended up telling me that he thought my friend was hot, when the reasion we were going to hang out was to see each other # 1 and to hook up # 2. Now why did he tell me he thought my friend was hot, when he said he liked me and all and we were goin' to have "fun" when I was in NJ???




Dear sweetkandycane,

Because he thinks your friend is hot. You kinda lost me after the "he is in my family" part. Generally speaking, it's ill-advised to become romantically involved with anyone in your family, and I don't care whose side he's on.


Dear Chloe,

My problem is that my girlfriend dumped me for another guy, but she still tries to kiss me and be all in my face, like nose to nose. But then she'll turn around and call the guy on the phone right in front of me and just start saying how much she cares about him and that she loves him. Then I get mad and don't say anything, and then she tries to act like she didn't do anything. She said that she still cares for me but it seems like she is trying to cause a big problem.




Dear dalwuan,

Trying to cause a problem? First of all, she's not your girlfriend, she's your ex-girlfriend, so why are you hanging out with this sadistic wench at all? What are you getting out of this? She is having a good time playing you for a fool, and you are letting her.

She dumped you, so cut off all ties with her. Don't hang out with her, she'll just keep doing what she's doing and you'll never get over her. She doesn't care for you, she only cares about herself.


Dear Chloe,

Argh! I'm so torn! There's this guy that I've been interested in for a couple of weeks now; we've vaguely known each other the past couple of years, but recently things have been heating up. He's cute, sweet, and we've gone out a couple of times and had fun. He told me how he felt, and I told him I felt the same way.

And here's the sticky part: he likes me, A LOT. So much that it almost makes me a little uncomfortable. This is my first serious relationship, and I told him how I'm a little reluctant to be so affectionate so soon, but he can't seem to stop. He goes out of his way to see and talk to me whenever he can, and he bends over backwards for me. I feel terrible! I really like him, but it feels like he likes me too much. What should I do? I talked to him about it, but he's only gotten more affectionate. How can I make things less uncomfortable for me without hurting his feelings?


Needs Room to Breathe


Dear Needs,

I think you're going to have to talk to him about this and get across that this in your face stuff is going to damage the relationship. I mean, it's pretty normal in just about any relationship for one person to like the other more. And then it goes back and forth. Don't be too worried about it, especially since this is your first serious relationship. Once you get more comfortable around him, you'll feel better about his affection. A lot of girls wish they had your problem! Just don't let yourself get pressured into doing anything you don't want to do.

Hugs and kisses,


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