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Today's Column: Second base, mystery crushes, sweet or cool, age differences, bored girlfriends.


Dear Chloe,

Me and my boyfriend just went to "second base" and I've been bleeding down below, is that normal? He said it happens to most girls but I'm not sure. Help??




Dear saz_b,

Bleeding is not uncommon when you are inserting something into that most tender of places. There is a fold of skin just inside the vagina that blocks the opening. It's called the "hymen" and it will break after the first time you have intercourse or possibly after using a tampon. When that happens, it will bleed. There shouldn't be that much blood, and it shouldn't last more than a day or two, I'm guessing.

But if you really don't know about this stuff, maybe you shouldn't be doing what you're doing. (And isn't second base still ABOVE the waist?)


Dear Chloe,

Hi, I work at a restaurant as a cook and one of the other cooks told me he overheard a waitress talking about me - saying that she likes me. He didn't see who it was though. Is there any way to tell which waitress likes me? What signs should I look for? There are a lot of waitresses at my restaurant. Thanks.




Dear Mr X,

First make sure your bud's not pulling your leg. A lot of girls are shy around guys they like. Blushing, difficulty making eye contact, stuff like that. But then some do just the opposite. Keep your eyes and ears open. You should be able to get some sort of vibe from her, eventually.


Dear Chloe,

What do girls like, coolness or sweetness?


Mr. Mack


Dear M,

It's variable. Some like cool guys, some like sweet guys, but all like genuine guys. We just want a guy who is easy to be around, who is comfortable with himself and accepts us for who we are right now. More important than being cool or sweet is being yourself.


Dear Chloe,

I'd like to know the answer to two questions. Does age matter in a relationship? And also how would a guy who isn't shy show you he likes you?




Dear Michelle,

He flirts, makes excuses to spend time with you, pays you lots of attention, calls you up and asks you out. Have you seen How to Tell if Someone Likes You?

Does age matter? Well, that depends on a case-by-case basis. A 5-yr age difference isn't much unless you're talking about a 13-yr.-old and an 18-yr.-old. Although it seems more socially acceptable for a man to date a much younger woman than for a woman to date a much younger man, ultimately it's up to you. If you're comfortable with the age difference, don't worry about what other people say.

I once dated a guy six years younger, but I prefer guys my age or a little older. The age difference bothered me.


Dear Chloe,

I had gone out with a girl for 3 months. I love her. She does not ever tell me to come to see her. She said I will have to find a day after school when I am doing nothing and every day she is doing nothing. She won't let me break up with her. I have my happy days and my sad days with her but I don't tell her. All she said is that's interesting. I am crazy about her but I don't like the way our relationship is going right now. What should I do?




Dear David,

Honestly, dude, I can't make head or tails of your letter. I can't figure out why you like this girl so much because she sure isn't putting much effort into your relationship. You need to like, communicate with her.

And another thing. When you break up with someone, they kinda don't have a choice about it. So this "she won't let me break up with her," is bull. Which doesn't make sense since she doesn't even ask you to come see her. That's not the M.O. of a devoted girlfriend.

Cut the cord, David. Your girlie has checked out of this hotel already.

Hugs and kisses,


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