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Today's Column: Crush advice, friends with benefits, playing hard to get and dangerous liaisons.


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Dear Chloe,

I'm physically disabled and how do I meet chicks?
Do I move near my online girlfriend?
I'm a midget and I don't get many dates
How do you measure bra sizes?
I think my boyfriend is cheating on me
Why do women go for men who mistreat them?
I'm no longer in love with my fiancée
I'm 97 years old. How can I get some?
I have a free airline ticket. Where should I go?
What are girls thinking in a pickup situation?
What do I do if I'm on a game show?
How do I get started making web pages?
How do I add a chat room to my web page?
I think my fiancée is lazy
The new hire makes more than I do
How do I dump someone who I've...already dumped?
Does she like me?
I'm freaking out!
Do I go for my dreams? Does she like me?
I'm married...and dating
My friend is jealous of me
Pining for the ex
Does she like me?
Dumping a friend, and boy trouble.
How to flirt with guys.
When your crush has a girlfriend, and more.
Crushing on your wacky classmate, and free web hosting.
When a friend isn't, and overcoming shyness.
Transitioning from friends to more than friends.
Making the first move.
What do girls mean when they...
Should I ask him out?
Girls are confusing.
Figuring out friends of friends.
Does he like me?
Does he really just want to stay friends?
Chloe states the obvious.
Sure things, and don't talk to strangers.
Post-breakup buffer zones, and worrying over ex-admirers.
Chloe's two-times rule, and more girls crushing on guys.
"How can I get someone to like me?"
Can I get him to notice me, does he like me?
Does flirting = liking, workplace flirtations, asking out your best friend.
Why you shouldn't ask your crush whom he likes, and more.
Crushing on your best friend, how to make new girl friends, cheating beaus, how to find out if someone likes you.
Why do guys go hot and cold, how do I break up with someone, don't poach, liking your brother's friend.
Dating behind my boyfriend's back, crushing on the best friend, should I let her know how I feel, one kiss does not a homosexual make.
Boyfriend or guy-friend, pursuing another girl's guy, make friends first, mood swings and more.
Dealing with shyness, does he like me, crushing on your best bud, and more.
Telling him how you feel, when your crush has a girlfriend, making a move, when two guys like the same girl, and more.
Flirting with danger, telling him how you feel, when your friends think he's a jerk, and more.
Dealing with the ex's flirtations, and signs of an impending break-up.
Problems with the boyfriend, a budding sexual harasser, approaching women, and more.
My boyfriend doesn't express his feelings, weird advances, approaching strangers, and more.
Having difficulty talking to my crush, flirty crushes, why being the best looking guy at uni isn't enough.
How do I let my crush know I like him, when your friends know your crush, a lonely boy, flirting with someone's boyfriend.
When your dad's employee is trouble, mixing business with pleasure, what if mom doesn't like my guy, how to find the perfect gift, following up on the eye contact.
How to approach women, pursuing your bud's girl, my girlfriend doesn't reciprocate, topics for conversation.
Dealing with rumors, my hottie husband's a flirt, risks of taking a friendship further, shut up and ask her out, my boyfriend cheated on me.
Crushing on a co-worker, mixed signals, good signals, getting played.
Know when to say yes, age differences, when your crush likes someone else, know when to say no.
Calling your crush first, when not to wait and see, my girlfriend dumped me but still hangs around, my boyfriend likes me too much!
False hopes, make a move before it's too late, making excuses for guys who don't call, my crush told me he's gay, be wary of unstable men with mental disorders.
Longtime crushes, girls who play games, bad breakups, and more.
Crushes at work, inappropriate advances, should he make a move, and more.
Mean crushes, approaching strangers, moving to a new town, and more.
Longtime crushes, hijacking your friend's crush, a boyfriend who's MIA, and more.
Getting over your crush, when your crush is popular, losing your mack, and more.
Guys who ask for help, flirting like mad, when your crush has a girlfriend, friendly coffee guys, and more.
Online relationships, when your best friend likes your crush, choosing between two girls, crushing on your housemate, and more.
Second base, mystery crushes, sweet or cool, age differences, bored girlfriends.
Office romances, when your crush has a girlfriend, crushing on your friend, stealing your best friend's girl.
Hot guy turns cold, my best friend is crushing on my boyfriend, a casual relationship sours, shy guys, my boyfriend flirts in front of me.
Mean geeks, stay friends or make a move, marriage doldrums, inscrutable girls, falling for the best friend.
Getting over an ex, mixed signals, the popular guy is a perv, starting a convo with a classmate, my girl is too wild.
Crushing on your friend's ex, losing your best friend, my crush likes another guy, I'm in love with my best friend.
Crushing on your best friend, my girl has no drive, lackluster relationships, should I go to college, married and crushing.
Married and fooling around, when jealousy rears its head, lackluster relationships, a reader shares her wisdom, dating your best friend's ex, and more.
Jonesin' on my coworker, getting over my boyfriend, a wise reader gives her two cents, my best friend is dating my ex, should I stay or go, my girlfriend talks to guys I ask her not to.
Should I cut ties with my cheatin' fiancé, approaching my crush, what to do with flirty engaged girls, my best friend is dating my ex, married women looking for love in all the wrong places.
I've been crushing on my popular coworker, my boyfriend's brother digs me, my boyfriend is back with his girlfriend, insecure engaged women.
Does my crush like me, knowing when to leave, my newly lesbian friend digs (straight) me, I'm jealous of my best friend's beautiful girlfriend, what not to do at the mall.
Know where you stand, marital problems, martyrdom sucks, lots of crushes, my best friend betrayed me, one reader's wisdom.
Know where you stand, marital problems, Lots of crush advice, betrayals, perverts, confusing signals and a potential poacher.


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