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  The Unwanted Lady

I woke up at dawn to attend our prayer rally. After returning from the prayer rally, I decided to go back to sleep. Just as I was about to put on my blanket, I gazed out my window. I saw a lady in a white silhouette dress with a veil outside my window. The lady was floating towards the window. I saw from the veil that her face was a skull. Big eye sockets! I wanted to scream and run towards my parents' room, but my body was glued to the bed. I couldn't even talk. The lady was able to get inside my room through the window. She seems to converse through my mind. She didn't open her mouth but I heard her vividly saying, "papalapit na ako" (I'm coming).

I said a short prayer. With all my might, I manuevered to move out of the bed and run to my parents' room. Disturbed by my frantic knocks, my mom asked me what happened. I told her I saw a lady in white with a skull face. She didn't believe me.

At lunch time, our neighbor who is my mom's friend, visited us. She came to ask who was the woman in the white dress who was standing in front of our gate -- just right after our neighbor entered her gate after our dawn prayer rally!

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