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Politically correct people can kiss my ass...

  F i r s t  A m e n d m e n t  R a n t

OK, so I'm not pissed off about the lack of interest in Tales from the Peeps. Really, I'm not. I'm still looking for anyone to send in their squirty stories (fiction or non) but in the meantime, I'll use this space to let off some steam.

I don't follow baseball. But I know who John Rocker is. Man, but am I tired of that f***ing name. I know what team he plays for and that he's a pitcher. I know that he made some stupid comments, which he regrets. So what? I don't care what he said. He's a freaking ballplayer for crying out loud. He's not supposed to be a role model.

I do care what they did to the poor bastard. He didn't slander anyone. He didn't single anyone out. I wouldn't even classify what he said as hate speech. He gave his opinion and because he offended some people he caused an outrage. He was originally fined $20,000! Isn't that disturbing? It troubles me that he was even fined $500 and suspended from 14 games. Why weren't his comments protected under the First Amendment? Because they weren't politically correct, that's why. That scares the sh*t out of me. Political correctness is not only annoying but it's an excuse for fascism. Yes, FASCISM (a philosophy that is marked by stringent social and economic control). I don't think people understand the Bill of Rights. Freedom of speech means anyone can say whatever they want (not including slander) without fear of punishment. That includes hate speech. That includes giving your frickin opinion. That includes revealing to the world what an idiot you are. That should be punishment enough.

Recently, a minister paid for billboards to display passages from the Bible that condemned homosexuality. Personally, I can think of a few better ways to spend $2000...but that's not the point. Again, this man was expressing an opinion that some people found offensive so the billboards were covered up. It's frustrating how so few people (the media is strangely silent on this, because they have their own agenda but that's another rant in itself) seem to realize we're sacrificing our rights for the sake of "political correctness." So now we've created the "thought police." Don't you dare have an opinion on homosexuality or illegal aliens or welfare recipients or Catholics. Oh wait, it's ok to ridicule Christians, that's freedom of speech, but don't ever say anything against any other religion. People are always complaining about "Big Brother." Where do you think his power comes from? Political correctness. I don't give a sh*t if you're offended. In fact, if you've got your knickers in a twist, that's terrific, because at least you're paying attention. You have an opportunity to respond and share ideas and teach and learn. I say dumbass things all the time. People, in turn, disgust me all the time. I was reading a rant the other day and the writer made some hateful comments about people who believe in God. I don't understand why atheists cannot bear the idea of other people having faith in something greater than themselves. Whatever. And although I found her comments disrespectful, I will defend her right to give her opinion. Just like it is my opinion that she is an arrogant a**hole.

A couple of weeks ago a hockey player maliciously attacked one of his opponents on the ice. I don't know anything about this guy except he intentionally physically injured someone and they suspended him for the season. That'll show him. The only reason he was punished at all was because of the brouhaha over Rocker. This isn't the first time a hockey player went way over the line. Where was the outrage over that? That's freaking assault and battery and no one is talking about sending this guy to "sensitivity training." Freaking bullsh*t. And what the hell is "sensitivity training," anyway? Brainwashing? Propaganda? And speaking of bullsh*t, I'm disgusted that a proposition was passed recently in my county to make some state constitution or other "gender-neutral." People, don't we have better things to spend our taxes on? Oh, sorry, obviously you need me to tell you, we do.

So maybe the next time you can't believe the crap that pours out of someone's mouth (even if it's from mine) before you get insulted, realize that that person has every right to say what he's saying, just like you have every right to tell them to go suck an egg. Got something to add? Email me and we'll debate.


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