Our reader survey for "How to Tell If Someone Likes You" worked out pretty well. So now I've got another coupl'a questions for you mugs: what's the best date you've ever been on? What's your dream date?

Tell me what works for you, and I can sort it out and post it here in another indispensable reference guide. For instance, I wish someone would turn me loose in a shoe warehouse, wait patiently as I model as many pairs as I want and pick up the tab for my loot on the way out. Ahh, true love!

So what turns your crank? G'wan, it'll be fun!

P.S. If you're looking for a date, try Cupid Junction or eHarmony!

  Reader Input: Favorite Dates

Walking and eventually kissing in the RAIN. That would be my best date ever.

My dream date would be a long evening spent strolling through the countryside. We'd look up at the stars, talk about literally everything and he'd give me his coat when it gets a little cold.

The best date I have had I chose to structure like a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book. This way I didn't know where we were going and neither did she. Golly it sure took a LOT of planning.

I started the day with 3 possible destinations: Monterrey, Mt. Diablo, or beach hopping along Halfmoon Bay. She chose Diablo.

We get there and I have 3 main activities to pick from (along with lots of equipment) we could rockclimb, or paint drawings, or relax in a hidden cave that I knew about. She chose art.

The date went on all day, was a wild trip (ended with two totally different paintings of the same thing, a random story given by a passing hobo, and dinner at a wierd fondue joint in Saratoga). Wow, great day.

My dream date would be at one of those places with bumper cars, arcades, go carts, bumper boats, and all that fun stuff. Or maybe going to a carnival. topped off with a lingering kiss...Definitely!

My dream date world be just so casual bowling, a movie, whatever with my great guy!... I would love this so much. Of course there would be cuddling and hugging cause it's so nice..Watchin' a scary movie, being close.. dancing together..I could go on...

Well, granted, it happens at most once in a relationship, but the warm fuzzy feeling lasts forever: the best date for me is the date that you go out on with a friend and end with a girlfriend. I love the feeling of going out with someone just as pals but then having sparks fly without being planned or anything and ending up with a completely unexpected kissy, cuddly evening of "you wouldn't believe how long I've had a crush on you."

Just being on a date with your significant other is enough for me to say that it's ideal. Their company is all the matters because everything else outside is not what I think about. As long as he is there, I am happy.

The best date I have ever had was going out and exploring Boston with this guy I met on the internet. We didn't have a solid plan, but just walked everywhere checking the city out. Now we've been dating over 3 years.

My dream date is going to a cinema (horror) with my crush...She would probably cuddle me..(ya).. and after a late show, we'd go have supper.

My dream date would be a night at one of our houses, alone, on a couch cuddled up together watching TV or a movie and just talking.

My dream date would be just me and my peeps. We would stroll along the beach together, and I would rub him fondly. Then we could stare at the waves together and he would get excited and spit in my eye.

The date I would love would be that if we had a picnic on the beach in the afternoon on a nice day, then we would go for a walk holding hands as the sun goes down and then turn into a kiss and then let happen whatever happens...(",)

Okay... My BEST date would have to be going to the movies. We'd watch a horror no doubt, I'm not the type for romances (I'm a girl... I know, that's strange). I'd cuddle close to him and when I feel scared wrap my arms around him. Then we could go out for a meal. Not somewhere TOO classy, but not McDonald's. So after that, I'd probably like to go and have a walk with him. See if anything comes of it. Like there's a few stuff's I'd like...

We would go for a walk and just talk about whatever then we would sit in a park and kiss...I WISH!!!

Going to the cinema with a really tasty girl! Sit in the back row watching a scary movie. She jumps into my arms!!! Then we'd go out for a nice casual meal at say, Nando's ( she'd be into Mexican food!!) Then we'd go back to her place...I wish!

My dream date would be with a guy who understands me, likes the same things, and loves to have fun. We would wear casual clothing, and maybe go to a recreation park. Go-carts, games, and fun. Later, we'd take a nice walk and maybe watch the sun set. We'd end it with a sweet kiss.

I would say the best date is going out to a nice dinner at say T.G.I.Friday's then heading over to the nearest book cafe for dessert ...

My best dates are the super casual ones, especially first dates. I'll have a list of cool things to do, but you've got to be flexible. But no matter what we end up doing, I plan for us to be somewhere scenic and breathtaking. If she just shrugs her shoulders, then she isn't for me. If she goes "WOW" and we end up smooching there, then that's amore, baby.


Now that's what I'm talking about! So what deserves mad snaps? Give it to me, baby! (And remember, this can only help you get some.)


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