Thanks to the overwhelming response to "How To Tell If Someone Likes You", I had another idea for a reader survey.

A lot of people ask me what to do about their crush. Man, but I don't know, either. You really don't have to do anything innovative to ask someone out. But I was curious about those people who did. Wouldn't it be interesting to hear what whacked-out stuff people tried just to get the attention of their crush? More importantly, did it work?

Let's find out by taking it to the peeps. Tell us what you did to get yourself noticed by that hottie you had your eye on. Or what lengths you took to get the date. Stuff like that. I'll kick things off with something I did:

P.S. If you're looking for a crush, try eHarmony!

Here's what people have said so far:

I pretended that my crush dropped a hanky. But honestly, I prepared the hanky. I did that just to talk to her.

I rollerblade around a nearby lake where two girls often walk. I had a crush on one of them. Over the course of a month or so I'd see them quite often. We'd do the ole wave and smile as I passed by. One day, finally, I decide to get up my nerve to stop and introduce myself. I go around the lake the first time...and chicken out. The second time...same story. Third time and I'm like: 'It's now or never.'

I speed up so I can do a cool action stop. As I am approaching I notice I have too much speed and also that they are using up too much of the sidewalk. So I squeeze to one edge so I can pass them and then circle back. As I squeeze I accidentally catch my front roller on the sidewalks edge and fall into a pool of mud and duckshit. I hear one of the girls mutter, 'Whoa, right in the duckshit.'

So I get up, still brave, and say, 'Yup, he's a smoothie.' And they giggle (probably at me and not with me) and I, still trying, introduce myself and extend my hand to the girl of my desires. It's only as her hand presses into mine that I notice the slimy residue I have just squeezed into her hand. Ouch, I suck. The end.

If I like a guy, I'll ask my friend how he feels about me..I did it before and it worked because he feels the same as well :-)

I had the biggest crush ever..I had no clue if he liked me back so I just thought I'd go all out and I NEVER do that. So I figured out what class he had when I had study hall and went down to his class. I went into the classroom and said that Mrs. Ashbe wanted to talk to him. And then waited for him to come out in the hall. When he came out I went over and talked to him and said the teacher really didn't need to see him, that I just really liked him and wanted to talk to him. Well, it turns out he felt the same way! It all worked out in the end.

I once signed up for a class to be near a crush (which required more than a little detective work.) We never spoke...I was too intimidated to start up a conversation. But one day I worked up the courage to ask if I could borrow his notes. I was thrilled to take something of his home with me, to see what it would reveal. Nothing ever came from that brief exchange, of course -- he wasn't interested. But my infatuation dried up after seeing his notebook was littered with childish hand-drawn pictures that he had drawn of himself, wearing a football jersey...and a couple of cheerleaders.


So what'd you do? Give it to us, baby!