I think one of the most annoying aspects of the dating game (besides that it's a "game" or a "scene") is that few of us are experts in deciphering body language. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether that cutie who flirts like mad really likes you or is having fun stringing you along. Some people (girls) flirt for the attention. Many guys are either clueless, shy, or have weak stomachs. Others have to be physically restrained.

The only signals I ever get are mixed. Man, but that stuff wears me out. Together we can cut out some of the guesswork. So, if you tell me what you've done to attract the attention of your crush, I can sort it out and post it here in one indispensable reference guide.

Still wondering how this will help you get a little something, something? Hopefully, you'll find new information...and information, my friend, is power. Power, obviously, means more time in the sack. At the very least, you'll have a better idea of whether you're making progress or wasting your time.

So tell me your courtin' secrets. Do you play hard to get? Hit on her friends? Avoid eye contact? (um, that's me) Stalk? Feel your cheeks heat up to 900F? (Me again) And mention what happens when you aren't interested. It's not always as obvious as you think...People can be stubbornly optimistic, when it pertains to their attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Thanks! I'm counting on my peeps.

(The comments have been broken into nine parts. Check the archives for the rest of the story.)

Before we begin, I'd like to mention something that I'm not sure has been addressed -- personal space. That invisible bubble we all carry around us through which none but the chosen may enter. Unless you've got them up against a wall, people aren't going to let you inside their personal space unless they like you or are very comfortable with you. So as a quick test, briefly and unobtrusively lean into her personal space and gauge her reaction. If she's looking for an escape route, you're a done deal. But if she smiles or you feel a little charge of electricity, there's probably something worth pursuing.

On to Part IX!

Here's what people have said so far:

OK, we're both Nurses. I liked her from the first moment I saw her. Mmm, I thought, how to find out if she is single. One day I asked the 3 nurses how they keep their rooms. Oh, their boyfriends drive them crazy. The girl I like said, "Oh, I am NOT with anyone." Bingo.

Since then, little things have been happening: exchanging glances, this happens frequently...Laugh, giggle, tease, however, not too much. Recently, after I hadn't seen her for 3 weeks as I was on holidays, she stood in front of me when I returned to the ward. "Hello," she said, my voice dropped to a very low tone whilst staring into her eyes.

I have a little gift from my holidays which I'm going to keep her guessing. Imagine 2 small porcelain teddy bears with love hearts. A His and Hers. One being Blue and the other Pink. Tomorrow, I'm going to leave the pink bear in her mail draw at work and leave the blue bear in my mail space and hopefully she'll go into my draw and find out her secret admirer.

My advice: Be yourself, look at her, compliment her, tease her, make her have fun with you. Make her want you. All of you can do it if I can. I'm no expert. I'm just doing the things that I have written about. But all girls are different. Treat them as unique and special.

Try to be mysterious at first. Don't give too much away about yourself. Always leave them wanting more. Wear sexy shoes and great smelling perfume. Act feminine but also be into his hobbies like sports; men love this combination. Don't be judgmental or critical.

If you are a (really shy) guy read this ...

  1. If a girl you have a crush on stares at you a lot she is either thinking about you, she's distracted, and/or she is just staring into space.
  2. If she is always talking about you or your friends, she has noticed you in some way.
  3. If she is always smiling, laughing, blushing, etc. whenever someone says your name or when you speak (to your friends or whoever), when you are called on in class, or when you do something she probably likes you.
  4. If she is playing with her hair or doing something eye catching in your direction it's possible she likes you.
  5. If she likes you she might stare at you long enough to get your attention and then give you a (shy) smile...If she is shy then she might stare at you and when you catch her eye she will look away.
  6. Try and strike up a conversation with her and get to know her better. That always gets her interested.
  7. If she likes you she'll probably get tense, start to sweat, blush, laugh, stare, or look very nervous around you.

Just be yourself! Try to look at him several times. Let him know you're thinking of something!

I'm a guy, so girls, guys love it when you laugh, so try to make him laugh. Also, if you say you're bad at something, if he likes you, he will disagree.

Eye contact, don't flirt with every other guy and if you do flirt with the other guys, make sure you flirt more with the guy you like.

That's my advice, but I need some advice of my own. I'm a part-time model and none of my friends know, nor do my parents. Should I tell the guy i like that I'm a model? I'm worried that if i do, it might increase his interest but not in the honorable way (he might just want to date me for the fame of dating a model.) BUT I'm worried if I don't tell him, he won't find me as interesting.

Chloe says: Two things are confusing me. 1) Why are you keeping your modeling a secret? I would be Working That. 2) What guy doesn't want to say, 'My girl, the Model?" None. I wouldn't worry about increasing his interest either honorably or dishonorably. Use whatever goodies you're lucky to have in your toolbox.

I'm a guy and I know this girl likes me and I like her back. We both stare at each other and are really cool around each other. Here's my advice to you guys. Fight her fight. Be cool and normal, not cocky. Ask her to small things first, such as dances, before asking her out. Never flirt with her friends and try to remain cool when her boyfriend breaks up with her on Valentine's Day. Do not be violent (i.e. don't go talkin about war, guns or bloody movies.) Show interest and let her know you're there. Be nice to her friends, but not too nice. Slowly go onto bigger things such as dancing closely and learning her body language, making her jealous is a bad idea. By looking into each other's eyes in my experience means you guys have compassion and like each other very much...the "you're gonna get laid" is a bunch of bull***. Flirt with her, but don't make it seem you're just into her body and not her whole physical and mental being. And guys, make your move, quick, but also relax...Too quick will lead to you never becoming more than friends and never seeing her again...I've had hands-on experience.

I'm a girl. Now (unfortunately) the guy I like is sort of a playa. But, some guys who are kind of playas, once you get him, he's yours. What I've learned from him is that he only likes to think he's a playa. A lot of guys are like this.

Now how to get him. I got my guy by just being myself. Find something to bond over. Even if you know the answer, ask for help or for his advice. Talk to him. Oh, and if one of your other Bffs happens to be a guy, act normal around your guy bff, but let the guy you like know that it's him you like, not your guy bud.

And on a side note, (this has happened to both me and many other girls) if he says he doesn't like you, it doesn't always mean that he does. No matter how cocky they are, if they really care about you, they're shy. Just hang in there, no matter how hard it seems.

Hope this helps!

When I like a girl, I tend to stare at her whenever she's around and then I'll look away when/if she turns around.

Right now though, there's this girl that I've liked for about 2 years, and I feel like I love her now. We're all right friends, and I really want to tell her, but I don't want to ruin the friendship that we have...I can't be sure how she'll respond. Sometimes I feel like I have a chance; other times I feel like there's no way that anything will happen between us. I have no idea what to do or if there's anything between us. I'm a pretty shy/reserved guy, so I don't like doing anything too rash. If it were anyone else I would have told them already, but this girl is really special...I love her more than anyone else I've ever had a crush on...I guess that's why I'm being so careful. What can I do?

ok answer - if you have the guts, ask her, otherwise you will constantly be left wondering and you never know, she may like you but be as shy as you. You do not have to ask her in a direct manner, if you hint at it and she is perceptive she will understand your meaning. If not possible, ask her friends, hint to them that you like her and if they understand maybe you could ask them to drop hints for you and get your answer without having to ask her to her face?

Chloe says: I prefer a more direct approach, none of this pussyfooting around, dropping hints and getting other people involved. That could lead to misunderstandings or even sabotage. And frankly, it's a turn-off. If you like her, don't be afraid to own it! That's a major compliment to her.

I just tell him. If he likes me, great. If he doesn't, I move on.

I don't really have any secret. I've never had a girlfriend, and I've never known someone who liked me, but there are definite signs I use to show how I feel.

Usually, I'll notice when she walks into the room immediately and sometimes I'll look up. I can't keep a smile off my face when I'm with her.

I'm one of those guys who is completely wrapped up in how he feels. A girl would have to really be obvious about how she feels -- actually telling me works the best.

First of, I'm a guy. Anyways...When I like a girl, I can't stop looking at her. It's like a magnet draws my eyes towards her. If she looks at me, I just stare back at her until she looks away or smiles. Yeah... By the way, we guys HATE it when you girls play hard to get, or try to make us jealous. Usually what happens then is either the guy gives up (75% of the time), he ignores you (forever) or tries harder (1%). Course this is coming from a junior high schooler...so :P

Read a lot. Find yourself in a fun way through art and music, so you want to share. Have a secret. Be kind.

If someone touches you a lot they probably like you :) I poke and prod, hug and squeeze the girls I like a LOT :P It's for that moment of contact.
Ed.: LOVE this.

Act confident, assertive, and show that you enjoy their company and their words without being too overt about it. Compliment, ask questions, and do not do not give them too much attention. Then let things play out as they were meant to. Don't push anything. What's meant to happen, happens. Don't fight it, unless you want to be miserable (may not be the case for everyone, but it is very relevant to my own experience). Another thing: surround yourself with the one who you makes you happy, not with the one who you think will make you happy. This also applies to making friends with others in general.

So guys are usually completely oblivious! We should know that by now, girls! Be obvious, but not too obvious, don't give him a complete ego boost by bathing him in compliments, you'll just end up getting hurt because he'll go off and be cocky and confident. Be nice, but not too nice!

Don't obsess. I've been there and done that. It's crazy how much a guy can determine your every move. If it gets to the point where his mood determines yours, then you need to take a step back and breathe! Just ask yourself this: if you've already made it obvious, tried to get close to him, flirted like crazy and he's STILL not responding, then move on, girl! You've got to remember that maybe while all this time you were focusing on *him*, you were blind to see that there was someone there for you all along anyway:)

The "I'm in love with my best friend who is almost like a brother to me" is the worst scenario possible. You're pretty much stuck unless you are really open with your emotions with him. Good luck!

Guys must like sexy, hot girls cause I wore a dress that showed a lot of my legs and got quite a lot of attention :)

Be yourself, treat him with respect, and let him see that you are a woman worth having...Don't be needy! Be sweetie!

In truth, I can't act for shhhh!t, so I have to just be myself. I try and engage in decent conversation, ask questions that have open answers to get him to open up and not just give 'yes, no' answers.

I smile, and I look down at the ground sometimes, then when I look up again I stare straight into his eyes. I hope I'm showing that I'm a little bit shy around him, but I like him?! Also, when I do that I notice chemistry kick in, as he won't let go of your eyes too - and by this time he is probably grinning.

Good luck! It's a minefield out there, just don't waste time on those who aren't worth it - plenty of crushes to be had out there :-)

Boys are so complicated. In junior high they're so immature. Don't worry about it too much, GIRLS.

All I've ever known how to do is to be a sweetheart. Be there for her when she's going through a rough time; put yourself in her shoes and try to understand where she's coming from. Ask her how her day was. Make her laugh when she feels like crying... You know, the little things.

Despite all this, I always end up as the "close friend but nothing more" guy. If you're lucky enough to find a girl that likes you, listen to me. Girls always tell me they wish they could find guys as sweet as I am (to which I respond "Um... I'm single, you know!) :)

All right, this is meant to help guys and girls:

  1. Get to know each other. This really helps you know what they are like. And try to be friends with all guys or girls. I fell for a guy I knew for three years before hand. It can give you a really good chance.

  2. Find out what activities he/she does. If there is anything you like also, do it! It helps so much just being able to interact with them. Seriously. We both did marching band. Marching band is for half the year. At least three times a week. A lot of interaction.

  3. Just be really kind. Going on vacation? Get them a souvenir! Girl you like's cold? Let her borrow your sweatshirt! Help each other out! It makes your crush think you're caring and sweet and generous all at the same time!

  4. Compliment them. On anything. Seriously. It works. It makes the person feel wanted and beautiful.

  5. If they gaze over at you a lot, that's a good sign.

  6. DON'T FLIRT WITH OTHER PEOPLE!! Seriously, nothing drives me crazier than seeing the guy I like hanging around other girls. Especially if they're slutty. And girls, don't be clingy. Stand next to them, not on top of them.

  7. Lean towards them when you talk to them. Use their name when you talk (example: what do you think, [insert name here]). People luv hearing their own name.

  8. Be near them. Hug them. Stand next to them. For girls, it works well when you kind of lean one leg if you know what I mean. Just make sure you're leaning towards them.

  9. Don't keep it bottled up. Seriously, it can really be bad. Tell someone. ANYONE! I found it best to tell my cousin who happens to live seven hours away.

  10. If you think the person is starting to like you, pull them aside and ask them! Nothing annoys me more than liking someone and not being sure if they like you. Make the first move. I know it's scary, but it's worth it.
    Chloe says: Asking someone if he likes you usually leads to deny, deny, deny. You're putting him on the spot without risking anything yourself. Instead, start the conversation by sharing your feelings first.
I hope this helps!

Being confident about yourself, knowing and believing you are sexy will make you more attractive, and it will help you have high self-esteem. Usually, a person knows the attraction is there by the person's stare or look. Getting to read a person's body language is also important.

Advice for my Fellow guys:
Don't take forever in thinking whether she likes you or not. Ask her out. Now. Get off the damn computer and think of what you're gonna say. Trust me, there's always competition. You might win or you might lose. Just don't lose without trying. Go down swingin' mah nigga! Go down rich too. Ask your buddies to pool in a dollar each for you to ask her out. "No", she said. "I don't care, I just made 12 bucks".

I just be who I am and if he doesn't like it, he can always leave. This isn't lip-service either, I try to be nervous and false (?) about who I am, because your true self eventually comes thru.

Thanks for asking.

If he's a straight forward sweet guy, give him lots of eye contact. If he's a big flirt or player, flirt with the other guys & ignore him.


Give him a shy smile, (blushing is optional) then look away -- it usually does the trick!

Talk to her if you get the chance, or else she'll never get your signals -- if they're "I like you" ones or just "staring into space" kinds.

GUYS, just letting you know: Girls do not like it when you are too needy before you even start dating. (and vice versa).

When I like a male I typically try my best to "accidentally" run into him. No, not stalking, but a friendly meeting and I will attempt to strike up conversation. EYE CONTACT is KEY. If his eyes are wandering during your conversation most likely he does not see you in this way. But don't give up!

I'm a guy, I only dare to look at my crush when she won't notice me, when she looks back my heart rate will increase and I will automaticaly turn away, I don't know why. Sometimes I really hate myself, even to simply say hi to her I don't have courage.

Usually I can tell if a woman likes me. I'm confident enough to air it if I want to, too. You just have to say what you want to say, damn the torpedoes.

Okay so i have a couple secrets...

  1. Flirt with other guys when you are around him they get mad jealous!
  2. Don't play hard to get if you know they like you. Go for it because if you play hard to get he will eventually give up.
  3. Text/call/or message him a lot and ask him occasionally who he likes if he says idk it usually means you.
So there is my advice; love it, hate it, idc just use it!

The way I let a guy know if I like him is not by touching or "coincidentally" running into him, but finding reasons to talk to him. Like I'll ask him if he's ever seen this movie and if he says yes then I'll ask him what his favorite part was or if he thought that one part was funny. If he says no then I tell him all the funny parts to make him laugh. And if you've heard about girls' shoulders and torso pointing to you if she likes you then its true for SOME girls. I do it sometimes though not intentionally. I often find myself adjusting my shirt when he walks into a room or playing with my hair to make sure it looks nice. I make lots of eye contact no matter how embarrassing it is to me. I also look at him when he isn't looking or even if he is. If he is then I don't look long but just to hold his gaze for a second or two. Sometimes I look at him when I know he can see me so he can take it as a hint. For all you guys reading this, some girls don't like to make the first move. I HATE making the first move. So it would be nice if you guys would maybe try asking us out instead of the other way around.

Don't try to make her love or like you, just make yourself into someone who can be loved or liked...chicks will be all over ya!

If a guy likes you never ever move too fast or you'll regret it later...you will be all interested and he won't, cuz he just used you right there. Don't be "friends with benefits," it never works out.

Ladies, please don't play games. Guys, learn to respect women and see them for who they are. Sex is not everything and I guarantee you that if you respect her and learn to be chivalrous she will learn to eventually love you.

Whenever I like a guy, I COMPLETELY lose interest when I get even the slighest hint that he might like me back. The problem is, the guys are all fantastic, and it's not anything about them that makes me, I dunno, stop liking them. I always seem to have this perpetual interest in this one other guy whose pretty much unattainable. I dunno. I guess Im just addicted to the chase, but Im not sure. What do you think?

Hey there, I'm a gal. When I like someone, the more I will shrink away from him. Even though he seems to touch me whenever he gets the chance, I will act cold and pretend to move away. But I like him very much...How to explain that?

But yet, he seldom calls or msgs me. Is it because we work together, or is he just an idiot with HPs?

Well I have to say this. I am an extremely shy guy. I like this girl, and it is not really about her looks all that much, I mean she is cute, nice, smart, and just perfect, but what really gets me is that we have a lot in common. She was assigned to sit near me in class one day, and I needed some questions for another class, so I got her phone number. Then the following weekend we talked for like 3-4 hours, and I really got to know her. However, I cannot tell if she likes me or not. I mean all I do is think of her, I am finding it hard to think about school, even though I am a straight A student. In class I was looking at her, or glancing at her, practically the whole time. What else should I do? I am worried she might like someone else, and I really am not sure she is single. Should I get to know her more, and look for hints that maybe she likes me back, or should I just ask her out and hope for the best? The latter would be really hard for me, because as I said, I am probably the shyest guy out there. Thank you to whomever can help me out. I would, and will appreciate any and all suggestions.

Well, I'm a guy...
And I try to read the girl I like, by her body language. If she does anything that kind of seems strange or abnormal, most likely she likes you.

I would find out if she likes me for certain, and if she does, I would like to send her a flower or flowers with a note telling her where I would think would be a good place to meet, not too far but private. But also somewhere appropriate and not too strong, and ask her out there and then, while looking into her eyes, holding her hand or arm but not forcefully, just gently. And don't sweat, guys, it just gives girls a reason to not to go out with you cause you're all nervous...And try not to be too rough, just relax. If she says no, than at least you gave her the flowers to show her you have class, and a "romantic" side.

OK, I'm a dominant female who only dates submissive males, therefore, a lot of this dating advice I have to "reverse for a dominatrix."

However, there's one kind of dating advice that's "one size fits all." That's the advice you're getting about extended eye contact. If ANY non blood relative looks at you with extended eye contact it is a sexual invitation.

That's because people of BOTH sexes don't do this unless they're interested in having sex with you. Now, just because someone wants to have sex with you doesn't mean they CARE for you. Most guys out there will screw anything in a skirt (especially if he's desperate).

However, making extended eye contact means they are willing to at least USE YOU FOR SEX. Beware, wealthy guys, gold diggers will play stupid and pretend they don't know you're just using them.

Then they'll go off their pills without telling you and get pregnant to make you pay. (Look what happened to David Letterman and Eddie Murphy.)

Girls, there are many guys who will make extended eye contact and try to pick you up. They're just trying to save money on a hooker. They'll tell you any crap you want to hear to get you to put out (so they don't have to pay someone). My advice is: don't be a cheap, easy lay, don't be a free hooker service, and don't put out outside of marriage, unless you want to end up like one of those pathetic females who has to get pregnant so their guy won't dump them after they've finished using them.

Hope this advice helps.

He looks you in the eye and you return his smile...usually if he's looking at you it's a huge clue that he likes you!

I know my guy likes me because he calls me every night just to talk...And I don't have to ask him to call me! I also know he likes me because every time we are at a party he will try to hold me in his arms every second even though all of 'his boys' are around!

Heya all! I'm not kinda needing advice, but I can tell ya, hard-to-get does NOT work, I've tried it. Let him work for it, but don't make it that hard, cause then he'll lose interest.

Talk to him. Show how you feel about him. If you love/like him, tell him. Don't give up. Be yourself. If you are shy, like I used to be, show him you care for him. If he is depressed, show him you hurt for him. One time, the popular guy who liked me, liked me for how I am, crazy, funny...He even said I'm cute. I WAS shy until I showed him how I feel. I felt good... We like each other now... but only time will tell...

Well, there is this guy I like...and the way I send vibes to him is that I glance his way sometimes and try to catch his eye...or sometimes I flirt a little bit, but not much! I try to talk to him, sometimes, too!

For the girls, if you like a shy guy, here are the signs that he might show you/display:

  • He blushes when you're around.
  • He starts stammering when he's talking to you.
  • His voice become softer.
  • Does he look at you enviously when you're talking about a different boy or to a different boy? If so, he might be jealous....
  • Does he ask your friends about you? Does he ask his friends about you? If so, maybe he's curious to know what you're like and all, but is too shy to approach you.
  • Does he stare at you and if you look back at him, he quickly turns away? He's afraid that a pretty girl like you caught him looking and he's afraid you might not like the attention...
  • Does he give you a small smile or return your smile? It's a sign but a guy can also smile back if he's the friendly/polite type.
  • Does he go in the opposite direction at times and act as if he doesn't like you? Sometimes it might be a sign that he might like you but is too shy to approach you or go in your direction, he's afraid he might do something stupid and embarrass himself.
  • Does he walk with his head down? (And not because he's sad), another sign.
  • Does he ignore you whenever you're around...but looks at you when he knows/thinks you're not looking? (Ok, same as turning away...but you know what I mean...)
Then it could mean he's a shy guy and he likes you. He's just shy and doesn't want to get rejected! So if you like him and know for sure he likes you, ask him out! Or better yet, show signs and/or strike up a convo and see if he asks you out! I hope this helps...and by the way, I'm a girl and I have gathered this information from my experiences, a shy guy friend, and others!

OK, just saying, as a girl, when a guy flirts with me alone and then completely ignores me and flirts with everyone else when we're at a party, that does not make me want him whatsoever.

I'm a girl -- and I really like my bff's brother...let me tell you, it's awkward!

But anyway, I smile at him and give him a look that says, "I want to be with you," and I always -- and I mean ALWAYS say hi to him...just to get him to at least look at me!

I also turn pretty quiet around him -- I usually try to communicate with him by eye contact and smiling. I also told him in a letter that I liked him, and he said it back...but in person he hardly looks at me in any special way and he acts normal with his friends or that he doesn't even know me!!!

And I get a feeling that he always tries to skulk away whenever I'm around! If we're alone together, he always responds to my conversation with one word answers, or there's always awkward silences. He's so confusing!

I want to make the first move to get a relationship going, but I'm afraid he'll push me away or something if I try to touch him! Oh well...men are so confusing!

A guy likes you if he talks to you when your back is turned.

I'm never shy at approaching women...I have a GPS system functioning in my psyche, to show me my position in the situation, and where I need to go to reach my destination... (i.e, I may walk up to a woman and say, "How many times a day do men tell you how good looking you are?"

She may smile and say, "Not that many..." Then I'll tell her that, "I'm not going to tell you that, but you do have good genes...And I'm not talking 'Levi's', either."

It usually brings a big smile, which opens the door for my engaging approach. LOL!

I'm a girl...
And I've found in the past...
Almost every guy I really liked has started off being the most sweetest and caring guy I could imagine...
That, of course, will make me more attracted to him...
But why is it when we finally get together, he suddenly starts playing it cool?
I mean, I've heard of "treat them mean, keep em keen..." But seriously. No girl likes to start off with a real sweet lad who later decides to treat you like crap and leave you wondering where you stand.
After all, girls go out with guys because they like the way they are. I really don't see why guys seem to think changing their attitude like this is gonna do them any favours?:S
And whilst we are on the subject...
Don't wanna seem like I'm havin' a go at the lads...
I have to say...I used to agree with the whole..."flirt with other guys and get the attention of the man you really want," but...
Recently...I now disagree.
I was really into this guy, I tried flirtin, he just got jealous and started warning all my male friends off...It wasn't a pretty sight.
Ok, a bit of flirting never hurt anyone. But girls...
How would we feel if it were us being blanked and made to feel ugly?
I think guys need to stop the wanky attitude...Just be yourself however you come...right from the word go!!!
And girls...Just be yourself and don't go around flirting with the lads just to try n get a guy to pay an interest. Guys don't always work like that...They might even think it makes you look like a bit of a player...
Everyone be yourself and let each other know how you feel!

Okay, as a girl, and being extremely shy, I will not go up and tell a guy I like him, or that I am interested. I am just too shy.

I'm not a baby, anyway, it's not a one size fits all world, and how one treats a member of the opposite sex and/or same sex depends on the individual. Also, remember that there are MANY members of BOTH sexes who will pretend to like you, even lie and say they're in LOVE with you to accomplish an ulterior motive.

Generally, guys lie and say they're in love with girls they could care less about to get free sex (and then they won't marry them or anyone else). Girls lie and say they're in love with guys they secretly hate or could care less about TO GET MONEY OUT OF THEM. THIS IS THE MOST NORMAL THING FOR A FEMALE TO DO. MARRIAGE FOR FEMALES IS A CRAPPY JOB TO PAY FOR THE HOUSE. ANY COMMENTS, EMAIL: [email protected].

Straight forward sign...If I like a girl I'll stare at her without even realizing what I'm doing. It always happens no matter how conscious of it I am...People just stare at what is pleasant to their eyes. Always check the eyes, ladies and gents.

If they're outgoing...they'll check you out. If they're shy...they'll glance at you and if you catch them they'll look away. If they've had some experience...they'll still stare.

It's always the eyes, people...I can't stress it enough. THE EYES!

I like this boy at work but he's a lot older than I am...We never speak unless he bumps into me. It's very hard for me to determine what kind of guy he is. He can be shy or confident as well...Every time I'm around he seems to choke up a bit...so he gives some clues, I guess. He looks at me a lot = eye contact. Most of the time, I catch him looking at me...then sometimes I look at him and he turns away...but he passes by me a lot...It makes me feel happy. My feelings right now are mixed...but this guy definitely has me hooked on to him. But I don't wanna make a fool out of myself in case he doesn't feel the way I do. So for all you guys out there, please give girls clear signals that you want on! Make that move and ask her out! Make her happy and she will love you even more.

OK, I'm a guy...

  2. Guys admire confidence, go over and talk to him.
  3. If you think he likes you, tell him that you like him, notes, e-mails, text messages, etc. usually work out great.
  4. If you like someone DON'T change your personality, just be yourself.
Now that I have given advice, I need some as well.

I like this girl a lot, I think she might like me, but her best friend has a crush on her, too. I am not shy but not too brave, either. I need to tell her I like her before he does, but I don't know how.

If I like someone, I smile or say, "Hey, what's up?"

When you have a crush on a guy and you start to think that he doesn't like you, DON'T keep it from him any more.

Just TELL him instead, straight, before you do anything stupid, instead of leaving it to the point where you've done too much damage and made yourself look like a fool.

It's the eyes over here. When I'm attracted to someone, I try to make eye contact with them for at least 20 sec. Then occasionally I might try to catch a glimpse of them when something funny or stupid happens...to see just how their smile looks...and it just happens that just after I look at them their eyes seem to find a way back to me then we look away...and a few seconds later we both make that eye connection once more; I just start smiling and look away because I know this person has an attraction for me. Later on, when I see them in the hallway or something I look at them and say hey and we somewhat start to get close and next thing every time we see each other, we hug.

Sometimes you shouldn't, but I make friends with the guys I like first. It's a little risky if you don't move quickly through this stage, but yeah. I make friends with them, get some background info, and if he doesn't get that he should make the first move (I'll tell ALL of my friends I like him and then they'll automatically start spreading it around, it's a girl thing, and he should hear about it from one of his friends soon enough) then I'll slip him a note or start acting more flirtatious. If he STILL doesn't get it I just straight up ask him out or if he's a little shy I'll ask him if he wants to do anything over the weekend. If I ask the guy out and he says yes, then you win, if he says no, you might risk losing your friendship but most often than not your bond will be even stronger and you'll be better friends. For the shy guy, after a few times out I'll email him or something and sorta let him know I like him, because people share their feelings much easier over email/IMing, so he might tell me how he feels too. If he likes me back then I'll ask him out if he doesn't first, if not, stronger friendship most of the time.

I have yet to lose a friend because I liked him.

If I get asked out though...

Or I find out someone likes me...

I'll talk to him for about a week to get to know him better and if I think it'll go somewhere I'll say yes and if I don't or I'm just plain creeped out I'll tell him in the nicest way possible that I don't like him like that...

I've only lost one would-be friend to that...



Ways to tell if girls are into you:

  • She'll look up your number in the phone book, get it from one of your friends, or get it directly from you.
  • She'll smile at you a lot, especially if you catch her looking at you or she catches you looking at her.
  • If she doesn't move her arm or leg if yours brushes against hers.
  • If she gives you a lot of hugs (WARNING: Some girls just like hugging people a lot like I do...LOL).
  • If she acts differently towards you than other boys, like she's nicer, more outgoing, or sometimes much more shy.
  • If you guys face each other and make direct eye contact while talking. Like she crosses her legs towards you, you lean towards her, etc.
  • If she asks you what you're doing that weekend and asks if you wanna hang out and study or invites you to an outing with some of her friends.
  • If she tells you or writes a note telling you. Most girls don't lie when they tell you something like that so don't think it's a joke or think she's out to embarrass you, she's telling you for a reason.
  • If she gets mad/jealous when you don't talk to her or sit by her. (That's so me. LOL) She'll ignore you for a while and then ask you why you didn't sit by her/talk to her, etc...
Mhmm... =]

Be yourself around him...don't laugh at ALL his jokes because if he KNOWS it's not funny then he'll prolly get annoyed and think you're annoying...laugh when you think it's funny and when you feel it comfortable to be yourself...if you're totally not comfortable around him and you get really nervous, trust me, I'm fifteen, I know...mild nervousness is ok, but if you're constantly stressin' that's not a good sign...if you like him you should feel comfortable enough to talk to him when he talks to you, and not be totally speechless when he's around...because if he asks you a question and he makes you so nervous you feel like you gotta puke..I'm sorry to tell ya hun...but that's really bad...basically my point is...mild nervousness is ok but you should feel more comfortable around him than anything...

I'm a shy guy when it comes to these things, but you put me in a ring or an octagon and I can fight like no other...Put a really cute girl in front of me and I become a shy little boy. Anyways, when I like a girl I'll look at her when she's not watching, I'll talk to her when I get the chance and when she goes out with someone else I give her attitude.

Don't always talk about yourself -- make it all about him.

DON'T DO EMAIL...I tried it once and never got a reply...

If someone doesn't like you, stop trying to get him to like you.

Okay, so i'm kind of a shy guy. I'm not afraid to admit it. (Kinda lame.) But I either ask the girl out over the phone, or e-mail or something, because I have had emotional problems with being rejected in person. Anyway (that was off the subject of my point), girls, if I have any advice, it's this: don't wait for the guy to ask you out. If he doesn't do it within 5 months (after you two have hung out, flirted, etc.), you make the move. It may be a little awkward, but don't be too shy. If you are, he'll never know what he's missing. And guys: don't be too rude to the girl. Even if it's just teasing. If you both know there's chemistry, make a move. Because if you don't, someone else will.

Women sometimes do not show that they are interested in a guy. For instance, I've been interested in someone for about a year, we ended up flirting and kissing one night, having had a crush on him for months. Although we haven't met up or dated, I still fantasize about him, but would never call him or go where he goes out, afraid he might realize I like him! Is it possible that guys are the same? Do they act like this, too? Particularly, shy ones?

When I like a guy, I look at him a lot. And smile. I make eye contact and when he notices I'm looking at him, I look away and smile. It works for me a lot. My friends say I'm a BIG flirt.

I just go up to whomever and talk. Eventually it will all spill out. It's not like if you talk to him/her he/she will say I can't talk to you, unless he/she is a crazy self-obsessed popular kid...

Well, I feel like I'm pretty much a pro with flirting 101. It's all a game to reel him in; it's a chase. The harder he is to get, the more fun it is. Guys will come to you, but you have to show what you've got. Throwing yourself at someone is a total turn-off and will never work, unless you're trying to be known as a slut. It's important to be subtle. DON'T always be there ready for his attention. First and foremost, put yourself out there. Go out and have fun whether it's a party, a friend's house, a club, bar, etc.

Spot the guy you are attracted to and rule #1 -- make him notice you -- laughing and smiling is definitely key to this. But, don't let him see you looking at him first.
Rule #2 -- By this time you can scope out the scene, nonchalantly see if he spots you yet. Then, stop right by him and wait for him to glance up, hold the stare, smile, and then start talking to your friend. Look back a few seconds later and quickly look away.
Rule #3 -- Now, have fun and look relaxed. Just be yourself and if he's interested then he will be checking you out, waiting for you to look at him. But, DON'T look yet.
Rule #4 -- Try to mingle and casually make your way over to his area.
Rule #5 -- If you know someone around him or one of his friends, chat away. It shows you're friendly. If he's outgoing, he'll join in the convo, if he isn't then don't hesitate to ask his friend: "So, who's your friend?" Now this is your chance. It's either a hit or miss at this point. Remember his name.
Rule #6 -- Keep eye contact and smile. Then check him out real quick and glance away. Look back, and smile. Keep the convo short and sweet.
Rule #7 -- Now this is your chance to play hard to get. He wants what he can't have, too. So say: "Hey (name), I'll be right back, okay?" If he is totally interested he'll wait right there for you.
Rule #8 -- If he's there, you got him! Now you can just be yourself and see if you click or not. Make sure to not drink too much, but definitely have a good time. Don't stay by him the whole night though. That seems desperate. It's in your hands now, it will either work out or not. Oh, and don't forget to get those digits or vice versa.

Now you know how it's done. Don't get upset if he doesn't call-- although these flirting tips could work on almost anyone, it's all if it's meant to be or not ;]

I like to kiss the guy I like before I go out with him. Most of the time I'll make out with him after I get to know him, even if I am not dating him.

If a boy says he likes you, it's best not to tell him you like him. He could just be saying that to tell the whole school you like him. That could get really embarrassing and the other girls who like that person will probaly tease you.

Sorry to say this girls, but sometimes you make us go crazy with the "I like you, but I'm not not sure if I do" kinda thing. Yes, you make it obvious that you like us but then you turn around and freakin' ignore us. I know it's a flirting thing but come on! The only guys who will make a move based on that are guys who are totally good looking or don't really like you...there aren't many guys like that...lol

Ok, I said "Hi," and she jumped on me...I'm not lying.

Leave him wanting more...don't just answer all his questions. If he asks, "Hey, are you doing anything Friday night," say, "I don't know, I have a photo shoot," or something flirty so he will be drooling all over you.

FOR GUYS: Mmkay so basically, girls absolutely HATE IT when guys act all tough and always talk about how buff they are and blah blah blah, they never shut up enough to let us get a word in. It's like, is this supposed to impress me? Because it doesn't. Especially since most of the guys who think that they're buff...well...they really aren't. Sorry :[ Try to be more humble guys :] Girls will appreciate you a whole lot more.

A boy likes you if: he makes contact with you, like touching your shoulder...when he laughs, his pupils dilate...when he is around you, he oh so accidentally brushes his leg against yours.

He smiles a lot...he makes eye contact with you...he blushes around you...he is just plain kind to you!

If you have a crush on a good friend of yours, here is what you should do (this will definitely work if the guy you like has a sense of humor and if you have the guts). If you're a girl, kiss your friend (who's a girl) on the cheek, then kiss him on the cheek and if you want, you can look at him and say, "You've been kissed by an angel." Look for a reaction. If he liked it as much as you did, this will probably give him the push he needs to tell you how he feels, or his reaction might give you the reassurance that you need to ask him.

Look, if you want to know if a guy likes you (I'm a girl), just make eye contact. If he holds it for more than a couple of seconds, it means that he is comfortable being around you. Also take a step toward him, invade his bubble just a bit. If he doesn't step back that probably means he likes you.

For guys:

Okay, if you like a girl, be more direct! It drives us crazy when one day you flirt, and the next you don't. Smile at her! If she likes you, she'll smile back or come closer. Girls don't like guys with absolutely nothing to say, so bring up something you two have in common (if there is anything) or talk about a general topic. If she truly does like you, she will contribute to the conversation and maybe, later on, you'll catch her looking at you from a distance and quickly turn away.

I'm a girl. The thing about mixed signals...the reason is that we are not sure whether we like the guy or not. I'm going through this phase now. I am thinking about this guy I met 2 months ago all the time, I think I have a crush on him, but I cannot imagine being with him. So one day when I feel amorous, I am very nice to him, another day I cannot stand him, and I am cold or mean. I feel like such a bitch. Thing is, we don't devise or give out mixed signals to confuse people, we just act the way we feel.


I'm extremely shy around the guys I like. Most of my guy friends are younger than me so they just feel like little brothers. That means that I usually don't know the guys that I like very well at all. Whenever I get around a guy I like, I act way obvious, but not on purpose, I just can't help it. I stutter over all my words, I'll look at him and if he sees me looking back I usually look away or else I'll try to look confident and act confident, but I end up breaking the contact and looking down. I try to be around him so that he'll notice me. I'll join a club I know he's in so that maybe we can get to know each other. So far it hasn't worked. I wonder if that's because I'm sending mixed signals. I don't mean to do this. After I've been way obvious flaunting myself, if the guy doesn't immediately notice me and make me feel special, I'll over analyze the situation and assume he doesn't like me. I'll try to tell myself that he isn't worth the time, that I don't like him. That works for about two days -- then I'm right back to crushing and being in places I know he'll be and saying hi to him and going to club meetings. So guys, if a girl is sending mixed signals, chances are that she really likes you but doesn't know what to do because she's completely confused.

Oh, my secret is just playing with my tongue.

I give them the eye.

Hmmm...my secret is if I like a guy, I'm always around him, I keep on joking, taking his things and hiding them from him; who knows, maybe one day he will notice that i really like him:)

Guys out there, some girls are very shy, others are outgoing, and some are like me; shy at first, but then go for what they want. If you're into the shy girls, you'll have to make the first move, smile and talk to her, think of things beforehand to start up a conversation. If you like the outgoing girl, it should be no problem to notice if she likes you -- is she always touching you, laughing a lot, joking with you/your buds? So just ask her out before some other guy does. As for the shy then outgoing girls (like me) they are kinda difficult (Okay I admit it). You might have to start the conversation, or she may make the first move (after awhile though). She'll probably be nervous around you so try to laugh and make her feel comfortable by complimenting her, and flirt by joking and laughing (way easier than trying to flirt by being serious -- too forward) So good luck.

Sometimes, guys will just look at you but it doesn't necessarily mean they like you mmmm..kay? It means they found woozint perty mmmm...kay?

Well, (I'm a girl), I'm really shy and all I do is a lot of eye contact...and guys, you really need to send out your signals straight because you get us all confused.

I think the problem most people have with their crushes is wanting the other to make the first move. I have learned the hard way that when you wait for that one person to make you swoon, it probably won't ever happen, especially if you're not doing anything on your part. I always remember when approaching someone I like: whatever way I want him to treat me, I have to treat him the same way.

I try to take as many chances as possible with guys I like. Let's face it, love is either painful or wonderful. There will always be a guarantee you will find love or have your heart broken. You can either choose to do nothing and wait for that special person, or you can make things easier for yourself and make the first move if you feel things aren't moving anywhere or if you're not getting the signals you're looking for.

I try to assess the guy's personalities before I make any moves. I don't want to send him the wrong signals or come on too strong/light. If the guy is shy, I usually take a sweeter and more aggressive approach. I have observed that shy guys need a lot more encouragement and will be thankful for it. When they are comfortable enough with you, he will be able to make his own moves without it being a problem.

Confident guys are well suited for confident, flirtatious, and hard to get girls. It's no problem for them making the first move if they are experienced or aggressive and it's funner for them to feel like the girl's not being easy on them. This does not apply to every guy, whether shy or outgoing. It really depends on personalities and tastes.

My biggest piece of advice is to never settle on one person if you are single and looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend. That person could end up a lot different than who you thought they would be or become to wrapped up in them. It's not healthy and you should be able to keep a stable hold on your personal life. The heartbreak is a lot worse when you are rejected by someone you liked, but then had no one to fall back on.

If I like someone, I kinda get nervous around her but hey...almost all guys do. Well, sometimes we like to make the girls a little jealous like...why isn't he talking to me or why is he ignoring me? The truth is...we are not. We are most likely paying attention to you most of the time, and when we see you look at us, it makes us feel good. We do that to see if you like us. If it works, we might give you a sign and then ask you out.

When you try to whisper to him, lean in very close to him.

My secret is to be very sweet. I am a naturally innocent good girl. My crush at this point was compelled to say that I am so cute and sweet! He really said this to me! Good guys want a sweet and charming girl who is a good person.

I've liked this guy since the first time I saw him seven months ago. Since I've started liking him, I always end up staring at him or in his direction every time I see him. I don't do it because I want him to notice me or anything (I mean I do, but not in that way -- I don't want him to see me staring at him all the time). But I think I do it because I like him so much that I just subconsciously look his way whenever I see him. He always ends up looking at me, too. Now whenever I see him, he always looks in my direction, and sometimes when he catches my eye, he looks away. So I think he likes me too. I just ended up finding out his email, and I'm planning to email him, and just letting him know how I feel. I'm really shy, and going up to him is just plain hard. I'm scared to do it as I've never done anything like it before, but after reading the advice of some of the other people on this site, I think I have nothing to lose. I mean, it's either he likes me, too, or he doesn't. And if he has been giving me the wrong signals all along or something, and I find out that he doesn't like me, then I can finally move on. So to all the shy people out there or anyone in general, if you like someone and think they like you too (ex: because you catch them looking your way), but you are shy to go up to them, find a way to get their email and write them, or send them a note and find a way to give it to them. Even if you don't know whether they like you too, you should still do it anyway, because you never know -- they may actually like you too, or you'll end up being good friends, and who knows what can happen from there.

One way I can tell if a guy likes me is that if he responds to my eye contact, I might walk by him to see if he's looking. If you're in a crowd and he tries to look for you that's another way you can tell if he likes you.

When I like a girl, I talk to her more, keep eye contact, smile a lot at her, wink once in a while. One of the best things though is to start by joking about you two in a relationship. That way, she gets used to the idea, without even thinking you like her if you do it right. Finally, if I can figure out the girl likes me, I'll pull her aside or wait for us to be alone, and just tell her how I feel about her.

Ladies, show us some effort.. it's already hard enough for a guy to tell you that he likes you.

My secret is that if you want a guy to like you, just tell him your feelings.

Honesty is always the best. I mean, if you don't tell someone you like him (or her), how is he (or she) ever going to know? The worst that could happen is that he would say no. If he laughs, or whatever else you're thinking he might do, you don't really wanna be with him anyways.

My secret is eye contact. I know so many people say this is the key to flirting, but it's one of the most obvious signs. Wait for him to look you in the eye, and then meet his gaze. You can even smile if you're feeling brave. Chances are he might be for real if he looks you in the eye for more than three seconds.

Make a guy suffer by showing off your beauty and smiling at him.

Most guys lke confidence and honesty, so don't be afraid to talk to the boy of your dreams. Don't lie, be honest and sincere.

Well to all the girls, I'd say be yourself and approach the guy and tell him how you feel about him. Don't be afraid of rejection because there are other boys in the world who would kill to have a girl like you by his side. Boys like girls who are confident.

Keep that special somebody entertained by playing childish games, or show him that you care by spending time and bonding with him whenever you get the chance.

I am finally dating the guy who I like. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard, either. All I had to do was ask the guy's friend if he would go out with me. Oh gosh, that was really embarrassing! But I got over it and just asked straight out -- scary, but in the end it worked.

I love guys who are confident and not afraid to make the first move (mainly because I am a total chicken when it comes to that) and act like themselves. Girls love guys who make them laugh...just don't be a total goof all the time. I usually make eye contact with my crushes and see how long it takes for them to notice.

If I liked somone, I'd go after them and tell them how I feel, before somone else gets to them.

I'm usually just one of the guys. I'm comfortable, I make perverted jokes, I lounge, and I play video games. It's easier to get into a full-fledged relationship with a guy when you play the "good friend" role.

FOR GUYS: Don't send mixed signals and make sure you make it clear that you like a girl. She will probably respond really well to that and be quite flattered to know someone likes her, because most girls think that guys never notice them. But don't hover over her or be there whenever she turns a corner. We find it really annoying. And you want to make the girl you like feel special. Pay attention to her, don't ignore her. Smile at her when you see her. And don't be macho!! We hate it when guys act macho. Don't try to impress her by saying how great you are.

Well to be honest, guys that I am attracted to put me in SHY MODE...I can't make eye contact, and I immediately start praying that there's nothing on my face, nothing in my teeth, and nothing that will just make me look retarded or unattractive to the guy I'm talking to...

When I like a guy, I get shy and ignore him...So he thinks I have no feelings for him, and all my crushes end up goin' out with my close girl friends...

Just try not to act like me...

I'm a guy.

When I like a girl, I tend to stare at her whenever she's around and then I'll look away when/if she turns around.

Right now though, there's this girl that I've liked for about 2 years, and I feel like I love her now. We're all right friends, and I really want to tell her, but I don't want to ruin the friendship that we have...I can't be sure how she'll respond. Sometimes I feel like I have a chance; other times I feel like there's no way that anything will happen between us. I have no idea what to do or if there's anything between us. I'm a pretty shy/reserved guy, so I don't like doing anything too rash. If it were anyone else I would have told them already, but this girl is really special...I love her more than anyone else I've ever had a crush on...I guess that's why I'm being so careful. What can I do?

I'm not shy. But when I'm around my crush, oh God, I can't talk. He actually is shy, so put two and two together, you get no talking. We both like each other, but aren't officially dating, although we do go on 'double dates.' If you're shy, double dates are your best friend. Conversation gets going, and then you, your date, your friend, and your friend's date have the best time of your life. Try it, it's fun.

If I like a guy, I'm friendly to everyone but him. And I can NEVER look into his eyes. Sometimes I try to make him jealous to see his reaction.

I try to make as much eye contact as I possibly can. And if he's passing by, I'll try to walk close to him :)

I also try to be at the same places as he is, so that he will notice me :D

Be yourself! Once you stop playing all the games, and they find out what you're really like, that's what they are going to have to contend with.

Unfortunately guys always think that I am playing hard to get...I really hate that one, but I have learned a guy will simply fall in love with if you tell him your true feelings. Like I told this guy, "You have the cutest accent," and then he couldn't let me go.

There's this guy in my 6th period class that I became friends with. I had no idea that he liked me beyond being friends. Oh sure, he flirted with me a little and did things for me in class. He even winked at me from time to time to see if he could make me blush. The day I broke up with my boyfriend was the icebreaker. That night he broke up with his girlfriend. He had been waiting for me to call it quits with my guy so he could act on his feelings. Be yourself girls! Let him know the real you.

I am a guy and not to be cocky or anything, but I am fairly attractive...Usually I wait for the sign for me to move in...Well, this one girl I went to high school with was always playing hard to get for a couple of days so I just said screw it...I'm not going to waste my time and quit trying...Moral of the story, don't play hard to get for long because it can come back and bite you and you lose your chance...


If you like someone, DON'T SEND US MIXED SIGNALS. IT DRIVES US (I'm a girl) CRAZY. We don't know if you like us or not, and you're seriously driving us nuts!!! BE HONEST!!! IF Y0U LIKE US, TELL US. OR, HAVE YOUR FRIENDS DO IT!!! Or do something a little more direct that tells us you like us!! ~*~*~

I'm a really shy person around guys I like. Around my guy friends, I'm completely normal. But then, I see the guy I like, and boom! I choke up, act differently, and become a total spaz.

If I see a guy I like, I try to make a L0T of eye contact. Sometimes it works, and I'll see him lookin' at me. (Yessss!) When I see him, I'll say hi and he'll smile and say hi back. Girls love it when you smile at them, and they love it when you talk to them. Don't be afraid!!! We're REALLY not that scary to talk to!!!

If he's around, I tend to act differently. It's really not my fault, it just happens. If a girl likes you, and you're around, her personality can totally change. If you look at her, and she blushes, you knowww for a fact that she likes you. And if you're around, her tone changes (she either gets quiet, or her voice gets louder for you to notice her.) BINGO. ASK HER OUT!

And girls LOVE it when you remember stuff about them. It makes them feel special. And little things like notes, IM's, texts, whatever, work like a charrrm. But being honest, girls think it's super sweet(!) when guys take the time to write notes. They know you care about them. (Unless it's a break up letter, then...we'll hate you afterwards.)

I think that a guy likes you if he enjoys spending time with you, looks deep into your eyes, compliments you, smiles around you, and just plain enjoys your presence!

Gently nudge the guy you like...Stare at him, then look away, see if you catch his eye. Laugh at his jokes. Stand close to him...Play with your necklace. He'll be drooling in no time.

I'm a really shy girl (I'm fifteen) and about two months ago I started to like this guy in my english class...it just so happens he's even shyer than me...he doesn't talk much but he's really funny. Somehow, people found out about my crush towards him and soon enough, he knew I liked him...and I had heard from certain people that he liked me back...but I was never really sure if he did. So, after liking him (without ever speaking to him) for about 2 weeks, I wrote him a note telling him that I would like to get to know him, and that I was shy, I gave him my e-mail address too. (My friend gave him the note) That night there was a school dance and he came to the dance just because of me...he hadn't been planning to go. So we talked (many awkward moments) and started to really get to know each other on msn and stuff. And now, we've been going out for 2 weeks, and we're happy. So, for anyone out there who is as shy as I am, writing your crush a note is a good way to go.

Girls, I've just got one thing to say. DON'T PLAY HARD TO GET!!!! When you do, it completely and totally confuses the guy. If you like him, please, please, please make it obvious. It will be easier on both of you, and the guy will thank you!

Note: I am a guy.

Okay, one more thing. A real good place to find out about someone is on the Internet! Just google their name and see what comes up. Also, use the internet to learn about what they like. That then gives you something to talk about!

I want to be near him a lot. But I'm nervous, so I try not to show my interest too much...I will avoid eye contact...I don't talk to him unless he talks to me first...I will blush when a guy I find attractive comes around... I will match my voice to his...not intentionally, it just happens...my friends will stare at you and smile...sometimes I will avoid you...cause I get so nervous, maybe my hands will shake...I don't know why I do this, but sometimes I will act like I don't like the guy cause I'm afraid he will catch on...also I tell people and then they tell the person, so it's pretty much obvious.

When I like/love someone, I pay attention to them a lot more, act very nice around them, make them laugh, pay them hard-to-notice special attention...you know, that stuff. You don't have to listen to me; I've had a previous, 7-month crush on a girl who freaked when she found out I liked her a lot because we are friends and both female. Yes, I'm bi, whooptie-doo.

When I like a guy, I try to get to know him first by just spending time one-on-one. You can never get to know someone when you're always with friends, for some reason people always act differently. If I like him I want to see him all the time, kiss his neck and bite his lip and if I know he's feeling me, well then the feelings just get more intense...

Well, first things first, never mind these kid games. It's either you like the person or you don't. In some cases you may feel physically attracted, but once you acually go out a few times you begin to see that they are not what you expected. In most cases, never believe that "opposites attract." If you've got nothing in common and they are unable to relate to anything, well enough said. Just be real and don't waste your time on games...

You know what, just be yourself and don't be stupid. If a girl looks at you a lot in class, that means she likes you!

When I like a guy, I will try to communicate wth him either on the phone or MSN messenger. In school, I will walk past him with a smile, but I won't look directly at him -- I'm shy! But there are a few clues that tell whether the guy likes you. For example, he stares at you during class, but when you look at him, he turns in another direction. Or he'll try to act cool in front of you, or tell jokes to make you laugh.

Well, when I like a guy, all of my actions are so obvious, such as looking at him when he is not looking, trying to be close to him, knowing his name, checking myself in the mirror occasionally to see if I look good in front of him, pretending not to look at him when he has caught me looking at him, etc...I know that when I like a guy, it's just so obvious because I can't hide my feelings. I will try to get his attention or something. Most of the time, I am pretty shy so it is a bit difficult to strike up a conversation with my crush. Mostly, all of my crushes are not really my friends so it might be difficult to get the conversation going. Does anyone have any good advice on how to get someone to be interested in you, or how to strike up a conversation with someone who might not know you well.

I treat him as if he's any one of my other male friends.

Make excessive eye contact. That's the key.

I'm a girl, and if you're a guy, here's some good advice: Don't confuse the girl you like! This guy I like will flirt with me a lot one day, then the next day he won't. That bothers me a lot. Just go for it if you think she's interested in you! Make her feel special by talking to her when you're with a crowd. If you're the shy type and she's with her friends, just try to find a chance when she's by herself. If she is, she will look at you a lot and try to see you whenever she can. So DON'T confuse her!

I don't think that flirting-with-everybody-but-him is a good idea, because I have a couple of guy friends and I've asked them -- they don't like it. Actually, they like it better when a girl is more direct, but naturally I'm not gonna be going up to every guy I like, telling him. That is too direct for most girls, so guys, see if she likes being around you, if she IS constantly around you and if you catch her looking at you a couple of times...

I usually wear some v-neck or tight shirts and make sure I always look my best, especially if I see him coming, I'll make sure I'm as good as can be. I also try to get his attention and I like being next to him or close to him. I'm cocky, and fun. I investigate things he likes and bring them up. I confide in him so we have something just between us.

GUYS: as much as you want girls to be direct, they rarely are, I for one see if he might like me before telling him. Just act natural. Be yourself, and make her laugh. Make sure she knows that you will always be by her side, and will help or accept her no matter what. It's nice when you make a girl feel wanted.

If you're sure he likes you, play hard to get -- not to the extreme that he can't tell that you like him, but just far enough to keep him coming back for more.

Look sensual, but only for a few seconds. Then look away.

When I like a guy, I always act shy around him, when I am in direct contact with him, I mean. I try to get noticed, I will tell my friends to go to an area around him. I will talk louder, or sometimes even sing to get him to look my way. After a while, I do tell him I like him.

(Tips For Boys)
Talk to the girl you like, a little bit more than other girls. Make her feel important, compliment her on something she did. If someone said I looked hot, personally I would be revolted. (THIS IS JUST ME.) Most girls like to be called hot, but you might be a little safer with saying she looks cute.

When someone likes you, he will stare at you a lot. People don't usually stare at people they're not attracted to. Eye contact is primordial. But, damn, why is it so hard for some guys to make that first move?

Guys, if you get the feeling that the girl might like you back, go up to her and let her know! Don't wait for her to come up to you! YOU, first! =) Trust me, they'll appreciate it!...

I'm a girl, by the way.

Just be yourself! Try wearing pieces that reflect your personality! I love to layer necklaces and wear one-of-a-kind shirts and accessories. I get a lot of compliments from cute guys when I wear them! It makes me stand out against all the fashion model lookalikes at my school. Trust me, I know a ton of guys who would rather date a fun, unique girl than a boring-as-mud beauty queen!

I look into his eyes and if I see something -- I don't know what -- a spark, or a shimmer, or something that is not usually there, he is totally interested, but don't stare at him too hard, as you might scare him. Just give him a nice, innocent, sweet smile. Don't ask HIM out, let him ask YOU out, then when you answer say something like, I don't know, let me think about it, or ask me again later. If you ask him out, it makes you seem desperate, or easy. Good Luck!

Don't talk a lot, keep it small, but don't totally ignore them. Whenever I catch a girl staring at me I look her straight in the eyes and smile, she'll either smile back or look down and pay attention to something else, this depends whether she's shy or a flirt. Generally I am a shy guy, I put on the act that I'm neither shy or outgoing. So I like the shy girl more, currently it's hard for me when both girls are in the same class..If I ask the shy one a personal question, like for her phone number then the other one will get on my case. Don't try too hard, but don't let the other guy in class talk to them much, don't stalk but be protective. After all, if you're really a better guy and know it...how will that feel when they're sharing a kiss before class in front of you...=(

I just try and be as nice as I can around him...smile, be interested in him...but not always do people send out the right signs.

Look at his body language -- is he near you, does he make eye contact, show interest, does his body face you, or is he trying to get closer to you...always vital signs.

I make sure I'm always looking good around them, I let my hair down and look their way a lot.

I like to twirl my hair and throw little smirks his way...after awhile I'll walk up to him and ask him if he wants to get a drink...If he buys, Score! If he makes you buy your own...Bye, bye, buddy boy.

If a guy likes you, he will act embarrassed around you and he will blush a lot.When you get up, he will check you out and if he sees someone else checking you out he will get really jealous and frustrated.

I hang out with him a lot...to make sure he knows I am here...I ask him to do stuff for me....to make him feel needed. Guys want to feel needed...I talk to him almost every day...and I wear this perfume/ body spray that smells like vanilla. Because I read once that men associate vanilla and cinnamon with love...And all I have to do now is wait for him to come to me...He talks/ reacts to me more when I am wearing the perfume and I really like that...But don't act like you're desperate or you'll definitely scare him. Relax when you talk to him...he's just another person like you and me. Be confident...men will always appreciate confidence. And one more thing. Don't put a lot of perfume or you're just gonna get sick of it.

I'm 15 yr. old female. When I like a guy, I am very private about it (as I am rather shy and scared of rejection). So I usually end up being extremely cold and I act like I don't care at all. I sit away from him; ignore him unless he talks to me first...Basically I send out "I don't like you," signals...which I know is mean, but I can't help it.

Confidence, even if you aren't on the football team or the most popular, make-up wearing girl in the school, even if you are shy or a tomboy, just be confident. Say what you want on a topic, even if your crush doesn't agree, disagreements can be very interesting and ignite a spark. Don't be a puppy dog either and follow him and act like he is the only one in the world. You might be able to do this when dating but not when you are just friends or even if you aren't. Leadership, and skills can impress and be very attractive. This goes for girls and guys. Standing up for people can also be attractive, it says that you are your own person and not afraid to be who you are, and stand up for what you believe in. If the guy or girl is a good catch they will think this is very sweet. Confidence remember, confidence, and make every move worth something.

I don't tell him anything or just little superficial things and leave him wondering, keep him asking! Also, don't talk about your past relationships.

Okay, I suppose I have a few tidbits of advice for you, so here I go:

Put effort into appearance. In a perfect world, guys would fall head over heels for a girl's personality, no matter if she's beautiful or if her face looks like she got in a fight with a train and lost. But let's face it: we don't live in a perfect world, so putting some effort into appearance is a good start. Even if you don't feel you have much to offer, I think guys will at least notice that you're trying. Don't worry if you feel like you're overweight either, I know plenty of guys who would rather date a girl with more to love than a skinny girl.

Don't try so hard to get noticed. If the guy likes you, he'll notice you whenever you walk by. Guys actually get freaked out when girls throw themselves at them, you would too if you were that guy! Also, by trying hard, you may come off as desperate, slutty, or a stalker, and that's never good.

Give him attention. To contradict the last statement, guys also like it when you pay attention to them. I don't neccesarily mean you should flirt with them every chance you get, but just start by talking to them. If you have a class with them, try starting a conversation by saying something like "Hey, ______. What'cha been up to?" or ask how their weekend went, etc. Don't get into anything too personal though, because that's creepy and annoying and they may not like that. If you know that they like a certain thing, then try doing a bit of research on it and talking about it next time you see them. That's bound to start a conversation!

Guys like compliments. Just like us girls like being told how good we look, a boy will appreciate being told he looks hot. Guys are all about the ego, and will generally like any girl who can make him feel like a king. Believe it or not, they actually find it flattering to be told they're cute. They may never admit it, but they do.

Don't try making them jealous. I see so many of you posting stuff like this, and maybe it works for some guys, but others will think you're not interested in them and will move on and then you're screwed. This may also make them think you're a slut or really easy, and unless he's looking to just get in your pants this won't work.

Treat them how you'd like them to treat you. It's like the saying goes: To get respect, you've got to give respect. This couldn't be more true in the game of dating. You wouldn't want them flirting with other girls (AHEMHEMHEM) so don't try to flirt with other guys in front of them. Get it? Good. Be nice to them, and they'll have no reason to be mean back. If you are nice to them and they act like an ass back, then move on!

Learn their background. If you learn about any past dating experience they've had, this will help decide whether or not they're date-worthy. EG. If the last girlfriend he had broke it off because she suspected he was cheating on her, STAY AWAY FROM HIM!! You should trust your intuition, but if your gut is telling you to ask this guy out while everybody else is warning you not to, chances are it's a good idea to listen to other people, friends or no.

Most of all, be yourself. It would be pretty embarrassing if it turned out your crush loved you for whom you portrayed yourself to be, rather than who you really are. Acting fake doesn't get you anywhere, unless you're looking for a one night stand. If you're looking for dating advice, I'm assuming you're not hooking and you should definitely take this piece of information to heart.

I think that's about all the advice I can give for now, good luck to you all!

Be decent, be nice and let the person know you like him by looking, but not glaring as if you would eat him. Always be there for him and show your concern for him by looking at him. Some day, he will acknowledge you, too.

If you are a decent girl, and the whole world knows that, then the guy who likes you will talk to you in a very decent way.

Here is what girls do --

  1. When you're near, the girl, all of her friends or at least one of her friends start laughing...like mad.
  2. Wherever you go, she is always there.
  3. She is always looking at you. Somewhere or other she'll be there, looking at you. But when you look she will convieniently turn. Look at her expression -- was she happy?

Here's a trick -- don't obviously reveal you like someone if you're kinda scared of rejection. Flirt with him a little, be nice and maintain eye contact so that he gets the hint. It's all right if you don't look at him sometimes, but don't openly ignore him or be mean. That proves nothing (that's what I think). So just try to read the other person's body language -- does he look back? Does he smile? Does he make faces? Does he avoid you? Does he find ways to talk to you or about you? That way you can find out if someone likes you or not (it is not clear though). If the person reacts in a positive way -- he may like you. If not, at least you did not face humiliation!

I would just trust my instincts, and hope for the best!

I just ignore the guy and let him look at me.

My secret is to try to tell him a secret (nothing embarrassing, mind you! There's always a chance he might tell). Make sure you whisper it to him because guys find this really sexy. Also, it will create a special bond between you and him that is some thing you share together. It's kinda hard to explain, but if he likes you, he will respond well to this one..Also, if you make him wait a while before you tell him he may end up begging you to tell him, which gives you control of the situation! It always works for me!

Something to look for in order to know if someone really likes you -- if he or she cancels other plans just to go somewhere with you, or if they are more quiet around you then others, they stare at you and have a look where they want to hear everything you have to say! Voice changes, sometimes when a person likes you they can really stay still, sign of nervousness...

Hi! This is a guy. The two biggest secrets of guydom are shockers. The first is that guys are actually not afraid of commitment. It is the fear of not being committed, of going through life without having anyone to talk to. Secondly, girls, please, when you are rejecting us, (our biggest fear) do not say we're just friends. You are better off telling us to drop dead, then saying that. That is why we have the natural fear of rejection. I'm not looking for a sexual relationship. Just some one to stimulate my mind, but cute at the same time. Finally a question for the girls. I am a shy guy and don't ask a lot of girls out. The girl I'm crushing on is my best friend. Tell me what I should do. And tell me signs if she's interested in me. She's also wearing make up which she normally doesn't do...It's driving me crazy! Do I ask her out?

I'll include my two cents...I'll assume that you've already decided that you want to risk the friendship to take things to the next level. Plenty of successful relationships progressed from wonderful platonic friendships. And there are many, many more situations where best friends are too afraid to upset the status quo. Just go ahead and have a conversation about how you'd like to be more than friends. A big speech isn't necessary, she'll know what you mean. The make up could be for you, it could also be for some other fella. Have you got a vibe that she's interested in someone? Is she always available to hang out with you? Does she, as someone else mentioned, drop plans with others to spend time with you? Do you have her full attention when you speak with her? Does she laugh easily around you? It's not that hard to figure out.

Just smile, smile, smile and smile. Be there for him when he is upset or feeling low. That's my way of showing affection and love for that guy.

Hey Everyone!! I'm a little tipsy, but I'll write my twisted situation.

I always ignored my crush, he would say "Hi," and I would totally blow him off and ignore him because I didn't want him to know that I really liked him. *It's kind of a weakness if someone knows you have the total hots for him!

But on my last day of work, I decided, what the hell, and gave my MSN address in an email to his work mail account.

He added me in a second, and we hang out every once in a while. It's been slowly getting progressively more intense. But I want to get to know him before I let it all go.

But just for the guys, if a girl ignores you, it doesn't always mean she doesn't like you.

Eye contact is always key, it shows them that you have enough decency to look at them directly. If they truly like you back, they'll stare for a few seconds and look away. If they give you a funny look and start putting on disgusted facial expressions, I'd recommend not doing it!

I'm caught staring...a lot...but so are they, so when they see me, I'm just gonna smile and keep lookin, and if they dart away quickly, you know you got em! Simple, isn't it?

I am really big on eye contact. I'll look him in the eyes and then look down and then look back up again. I also play with my hair if I know that he is watching.

But if I really like a guy a lot, and it's about getting him to notice me, I make sure I'm well dressed, my make-up is nice, my hair is nice. He may not notice, but it makes me feel better. And then it will be one of those intense eye contact moments where the two of you are walking by each other and just staring into each other's eyes as you walk by.

When I like someone I try to see if he likes me, or at least if he has any interest in me before I will tell him that I have any feelings, because I don't want to look stupid if this person thinks I am ugly or something like that.

I would look at her constantly and smile.. for no reason...and I would get up and sit by her and start playin' with her... and I would give her a nickname like "tomboy" or something...

Before my boyfriend and I started dating, he came over one night to hang out and to recount old memories because I hadn't seen him in more than six years. When I told him that I thought he was pretty hot he gave me a hug and moments later I remember he was looking into my eyes and I was looking into his and before I knew it our lips were locked together in a passionate kiss.

I'm a guy. If I like a girl, she'll catch me looking at her a lot. I'll probably look the other way immediately when she detects me. I also tend to address the people that I have a crush on. If I were to say, "bye", to them, I would say, "Bye (her name)". I'll put emphasis on the name too. The guy won't notice what he is doing, but his friends will later point out the address later.

Things I've done to attract the attention of my crush, and bear in mind, he's a shy, geeky, chess-player, who drives me nuts!

1) I will overtly tell him I like him, think he's cool, a neat person, or something to that extent.

2) I will make excuses to talk to him outside our normal interactions, and sometimes failing to sound logical since my nerves have the best of me.

3) I will be genuinely interested in what he's got to say, his character, his interests, his hobbies, and want to know as much about him as I can.

4) I show an interest in his characteristics by acknowledging them in our conversations or drawing references to them.

5) I will listen attentively to his points of view, but because I'm a thinker too, I will philosophize with him as opposed to always agreeing with everything he says. I won't interrupt him, and will immediately apologize for rudeness if it's evident that he's offended.

6) I will want to look my best in front of him. Therefore, I'll take extra care of my appearance, presentation, and obsess about the details.

7) I will smile at him, and convey a positive attitude in his presence.

8) I will laugh at all of his jokes, especially if he's left hanging out there.

9) I will compliment him on his strengths, and be gentle with criticism. The reason for any criticism would be that I would want him to be inspired to be the best man he can be. I would want to be his muse in that sense.

10) I will make gestures to boost his spirits when he's not feeling well, or seems a little insecure.

11) I will loyally defend him in front of his enemies, or while he is being attacked behind his back. On the other hand, there is what psychologists refer to as reaction formation: an ego defense mechanism that tends to make us go to the opposite end of the pole when we are faced with anxiety over something. For instance, I might be the first to criticize him for something trivial when he's brought up in a conversation, because I am nervous to let people know that I have feelings for him I'm hiding.

12) I will forgive him more readily than others.

13) I will apologize if I've offended him more readily than others.

14) I won't show any interest in other guys, or I'll show a minimal amount of interest at that.

15) I am honest with him about who I am.

16) I talk about him a lot, postively or negatively, it doesn't matter, the point is, he's on my mind.

17) I am overly embarrassed about minor mishaps, especially if he's spotted it.

18) I might regress to "little girl" facial expressions and gestures, act innocently, and be meek around him in private.

19) I'll get crafty and find covert, creative ways of dropping hints to him. Maybe by portraying myself in a hypothetical situation, giving him a riddle, or the ol' "I've got a friend who likes you," etc., anyway, I'm hoping the veil will be thin enough for him to get the picture.

20) Excessive attention.

Chances are, in the beginning, I'm not going to be overt, because I don't want to come across as slutty, too easy, too available, etc. I want to give my guy some thrill in hunting me and a triumph for having achieved his goal.

If he's intellectual, cultured, a total geek, confident, comfortable in his own skin, healthy, animated, full of personality and life energy, undoubtedly passionate about his life, eccentric/unique, then he's got me from the get-go!

Confidence is key! Be yourself even though that's hard to do when you are trying to impress someone. Look him in the eyes because it shows that you aren't another scared lil thing that's shy to be around him. It shows you can keep up, which can be quite different to some guys who are usually used to girls who are too shy to gaze at them when they talk. See, this sometimes raises their ego, too, because they might believe that they're too hot, which there's no such thing. No one can be too much of anything, humanly impossible. So have confidence and know that life will go on if he doesn't respond the way you do. I mean you go through it. And chances are he has, too, and probably still does.

When he teases me, I tease him back. Eventually you will have so many things that you tease each other about, that your convos will be endless.

Hey. I'm a high school girl, and I suppose I have a little advice...

If you're uncomfortable with your looks, there are so many things you can do to improve your appearance. If you're self-conscious about your weight, what worked for me was exercising and cutting out snacks. You just need to have a firm mindset. Pick up a magazine off the stands at a grocery store; lots of magazines have fashion, makeup, and exercise tips all in one!

If you're a girl, walk with confidence. I have no inner confidence whatsoever but I've learned to act like I have plenty. Walk with a bounce in your step, light in your eyes, and your chin up just so slightly. People are naturally drawn to confidence and it makes others comfortable.

If you're a boy and you want to get to know a girl, don't flip out on your first meeting and ask 20 questions. Find something interesting, but not too intrusive, to talk about, whether it be a teacher or a sport or whatever. It can take a little while before some girls decide they like you, and I know that I don't like it when guys try too hard. To put it simply? Act natural! I love guys with a sense of humor; guys who don't put too much care on what people think. Being down-to-earth is very important, too much confidence is a total turn-off.

When I want to tell I guy I like him, I usually research his interests on the internet. Then I can talk to him about it. If he responds, and offers his number, you got him!

I smile a lot and tease him a bit, but not so much that it would hurt his manly pride. You know how that goes. And a little confidence never hurt anyone, either. I find it's worked for me, even when I've had to fake the confidence from being scared to bits inside.

Act like you couldn't care less if he noticed you...Every time I pull the hard to get stunt the guy has ended up liking me!

Hey everyone.

So, I'm sorta seeing this girl... I like her a lot, and she likes me a lot...but we have decided to just remain friends and keep the future in mind. I started reading about body language a little after I started to hang out with her, and let me tell you, it is quite interesting. Always keep in mind that if you want to continue whatever it is you have with this special person... just BE YOURSELF...make her laugh, return her smiles, and yes, the little things are what counts...she will remember. =)

Oh, one more thing...ever have a night where you wait for her phone call to come, but it doesn't? Stressful yes...but it is easy to fix. Just call her! It shows that you want to talk to her, see what she is up to, and leaves her feeling flattered and above all wanted by none other than you. So, in the words of Ludacris...pick up the motherfuckin phone and dial! Be yourself...you have no idea what you can accomplish if you just try!!!

My secret to flirting for girls: be yourself and have fun. the key to flirting is, don't flirt. Treat the guy like everyone else, even if ya like him a lot. Don't be clingy and don't act stupid, it's uber annoying to everyone. Don't act slutty, but be yourself -- it usually gets a ton of dudes runnin after ya, it's what works for me! Yes, btw, I am a girl, but not a boy crazy girly girl one -- blagh.

Guys, same deal. Be yourself and have fun. Ya'll may want to be a bit more careful, though, because a lot of girls may think you're interested in them, which may cause problems. Don't be afraid to talk to a girl you like and let her know ya like her. Don't be clingy and also don't work in the major friend angle. It's a pain in the butt. Be honest, even when breaking up or asking out because it clearly sets lines and decreases heartache.

First, be yourself! Even if you are a bit shy, go up to him & try imagining him as not a threat to you but as a girl friend, then let your cheeky, jokey side out. Guys don't always want to lead, & they love to be entertained by girls. They might think you're a bit nutty, but it gets them smiling & often keeps them interested and talking. If you make eye contact with your crush & often blush because you're bashful or shy, guys think that's cute too. So go for it!

Give your crush regular eye contact & smile almost every time you see him.Then a few times don't look at him. You will know if he likes you if he gets moody & talks to everyone else, except you, because he's trying to make you jealous or get your attention!

If you fancy a hot guy but he hasn't got a great sense of humour, while talking to him get his attention by making him laugh or expose your wacky side. If you do it right, he'll give off loads of flirting body language that suggests he likes you or finds you fascinating! If he blushes or can't take his eyes off you, you've got him!

A woman who believes she possesses the GOLDEN FLEECE is always in power, but the woman who does not flaunt it, is truly a Queen!

I'm a direct girl. When I'm not interested in a dude, I don't return his calls, and for some reason that makes the guys I'm not interested in, more interested in me. It is rather annoying. I'm quiet, but told it is in a mysterious way...I think you shouldn't try to get someone to like you, just be yourself and do your own thing. Dress sexy but not trashy, it is all about your body language, if you think you are sexy....have a sexy walk, and hold your body in a sexy way, then trust me everyone will check you out.

In a class, sometimes (not always or he'll think you are just plain dumb) you should be like, "I don't get it!" and you must (first already have this planned with a friend) ask your friend for help and they'll act like they don't get it either, and you say, "_________, do you get it? Cuz I don't get like, I don't know," then laugh, "all of it." and if he likes you he'll say, "All you do is (then he tells you)...." or he'll come over to your desk and explain it to you, smiling, and then he'll be like, "Okay, now do you understand it, _your name_?" or sometimes he might like you if he says, "~~~your name~~~ why are you asking me, because you're like the smartest girl in our grade?" in a cute way w/ smiles.

If he doesn't like you he'll say, "Go ask the teacher," or, "I don't know how to explain it," or, "Why don't you ask _____, he's the smartest kid in our grade?"

Just go with the flow and let things happen at their own pace. Don't try to rush things to happen because then you might fail.

Just []D [] []v[] []D it. Believe it and they will flock to you. Chicks love confidence (not cockiness) so it's simple. Love it. Learn it. LIVE it!!

I dont like that idea of flirting with his friends or other guys, not my style. But I can be a bit shy about it. I try to be friends first and just generally get to know him. I do look at him A LOT. Don't know why, I just do. Also a girl will show up where she knows you'll be (usually with the excuse of cheering on a friend). Any hobbies you have that she shows interest in? Basically she will try to get to know you. Girls like to TALK to guys and get to know them (at least the ones you want to be having a relationship with.) One thing I also always do is I never, ever put myself down in front of him (or actually people in general). I just don't think it's cool to come off insecure, plus all of my brothers and guy friends say a girl who puts herself down is a turn-off...

I find out his name and little quirky stuff about him. I find out his hobbies and what kind of car he drives. When I see his car, I get excited and nervous. When I see him, I glance several times, but I don't want to seem too obvious. It's easier to act like he's not there, but I constantly watch.



So what's your secret? Give it to me, baby!