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If I like a guy I will smile alot and give a lot of eye contact and then casually touch him to see what his response is.

I smile at them, make eye contact. Hang around a bit and try to get them to notice me. Look in the mirror (not in front of them) to make sure I look good.

If I want some guy to know I like him...I give him clues and hints and if he doesn't figure it out, I'm outties.

My boyfriend's best friend likes me, and sometimes he flirts a lot, other times he gives me lots of attitude.

I just wish that you guys could make the first move more so than you do. I know it's flattering when a girl comes up to a guy and starts flirting with them but we girls really like when the guy starts flirting with us. In normal situations, I'm usually the one to make the first move cause I think for some reason or another guys are intimidated by me. Just because a girl is pretty doesn't mean that she thinks she is too good for you. You just need to get the strength to go up to her and introduce yourself. If she starts talking to you then that means she probably would like to get to know you better. If she just says "Hi," and kind of gives you the cold shoulder you might as well move on to someone different. There's no need to waste your time on someone who isn't paying any attention to you. Trust me, if a girl is interested, you'll know.

Man, after reading the readers' review...it's hard to answer that question of yours..but one thing for sure..listen to your damn heart!!..You will know for sure whether he likes you...and to test him whether he is really into you...you can drop a few obvious hints to him and if he responds, you're in luck, lady....

Hi. I'm an 18y/o female. What have I done to get the attention of my crush? Usually I (for starters) have something in common with them. I just usually build on that. Say hi to them and just strike up a conversation. Let's face it. You are hardly going to talk to someone if you don't like them for a start, are you? No. Eye contact is important too. (Not too much straight off to freak them out, though, say if you see them at a bar or something). After your introductions, just talk to the person (be it male or female). To look the person in the eyes when talking to them is VERY important. It shows interest. Face the person directly too. This is also positive behaviour. BUT of all body language cues, eye contact should remain your top priority. Eyes are the window to the soul after all.....

Okay, first I should mention that I'm always bad at covering up the fact that I like someone. I always seem to give it away by staring at them, or smiling non-stop when I see them, or saying something stupid or not acting natural. Usually if I like someone, I'll try and be friends first because relationships should be founded on friendship in my opinion. Then by getting to know them it becomes more obvious whether they like me or not, because I know how they act or react in situations like this. Hope I've been of help :o)

Okay, I'm a 16-year-old female. The way someone can tell if I like them is if I go out of my way to meet 'em. I try and touch gently, stand nearby, and also get easily scared that they're mad at me.

Not the easiest of questions as I thought initially.
Him: There is no way he is not going to like you. He is going to dislike you only if you convey that you do not like him. Ha Ha.
Her: You never know in the first instance if she likes you. Maybe the third or fourth time. It's easy to tell, by the way the eyes scurry around to get at your attention, by the anger her eyes sport when you tend to ignore, by the calls not returned, by the hand shake that never ends etc etc to name a few. Trust I was of some help. Will come back again and post further after I sleep over it. By By and God bless.

If she had a date, wouldn't that indicate the guy liked her enough to either ask her out or agree to go out with her?

Ed.: No. Sometimes it's difficult to read a guy, even on or after the date. But I'm referring more to what happens before the hook-up. A lot of guys seem to show interest, but then don't make a definite move.

Anyway, here are my answers...

1) If I want to let a girl know I dig her, I just look her in the eyes, grin, and say, "How are YOU doing?" Then I edge up close to her, pull her in tight, then plant a big fat kiss right on the lips. Then, if I'm still conscious from the big smack in the face from her purse, I know she likes me as well.

2) I play the ol' swingers' game at parties, where I don't make eye contact, but I keep asking a friend next to me if she's looking. If she does look my way, then I like her and stroll up to chat with her. If she never looks over, then I don't like her and move on.

3) I get my friend(s) to go over and tell her I like her and to ask her if she likes me. Then, my friend would scamper back, all giddy, and tell me how she likes me but thinks I'm a poopoo head. Then we all run off and hide behind the lockers and giggle a lot with our hand covering our mouths. (Teehee!)

Okay, and the obvious and uninteresting answer: I usually just try my best not to look too much like a fool and say something like, "You're kinda cool" or just ask her out.

I'm regularly pursued by a slavering horde of adoring male slaves whom I abuse on a regular basis . . . my suggestion to you is if you hit 'em, abuse 'em, and insult 'em, and they come back for more then they like ya!

They catch me looking into their bedroom window with binoculars.

My kinda guy.

How do you tell when a guy likes you? He talks to you - seems interested in what you are interested in, spends as much time as he can getting close to you and physically touching you in 'platonic' ways when he gets the chance. Or.... well, there are guys who have come to realize that most women expect that, and are prepared with the 'just friends' response, so they have adapted and created the 'ignore you' flirtation system. Basically, they make the woman infuriated that someone isn't paying attention to them and force the woman to make the first stages of commitment to flirtation by pursuing the conversation. Ed.: Excuse me, but this is exactly the type of sh*t that drives me nuts. I'm not going to second-guess whether a guy is "flirting by ignoring" or just plain "ignoring". And I'm not sure what "first stages of commitment to flirtation" are. I thought flirting and commitment were mutually exclusive. BTW no offense to the guy who sent in this email, I happen to like and respect him, even though I am infuriated that he is not paying attention to me.) I work (badly) on the first of the two strategies, and usually just ask out women I think I like (though those are few and far between. I'm weird that way - if a women calls me deep or can't hold her end of a conversation by interjecting into my thoughts, and just tells me I'm right I want to flee and never speak to them again) but I have a friend who has much more success following the other of the two. I'm starting to think he's right.

Okay, let me make this clear. Not all guys are assholes. K? Glad we got that established.

Ed.: For the record, I never said all guys are assholes.

Let me tell you about myself.

If ever I asked for a lady's phone number, I'm obviously interested enough to call her. I would call her. I'd make a point to take time out of my day and set it aside for her.

Then, if she was actually there on the phone, I'd ask her out - like I should. And I would take her out to the cinema and a nice dinner. Nothing remotely fast food. A nice restaurant. I would be a proper and charming gentleman.

Afterwards, I'd walk her to the door. Then I'd say g'nite. Give a good night kiss if she wants - her option, I'm not gonna force something like that on her. And the next day, I'd call her again to see if she enjoyed her night out with me.

All of this is true, I sh*t you not. You wanna know more about me?

This guy is either a dream come true or full of sh*t.

I make eye contact when they talk to me or I'm talking to them and I smile.

The way I go about it is to make as much eye contact as possible and see what the reaction is. If I think that it is good then I slowly make a move.
(It doesn't often work)

I've asked this question of every woman I've ended up sleeping with... You can tell that I like you because I'm actually listening to you and not sneaking a peek at your boobs, yet I never take my eyes off you and I have a habit of licking my lips.

If I like someone, usually I'll look their way once or twice, and watch them a bit to see if they're just good looking, or if they're actually nice too.. Then I might come over and say Hi, my name is, or some other type of simple introduction. I like moving slow, so it'd probably be two or three more times of seeing them at a party or event before I'd ask for their number. That way they get a chance to see if I'm a jerk or not.. :)

I'm a guy. I like the website, though...

Hey! What's with this "though" stuff?



So what's your secret? Give it to me, baby!