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Sometimes it's very hard to figure out what types of guys are right for you. I really like this guy, but I don't think he's right for me or so my friends say. Sometimes you can't let differences like popularity or other labels get to you, but it's really hard for me because I'm afraid of approaching him because he's so popular. I know it's very silly, and I think popularity is highly overrated, but there's just that feeling that he only likes those ditzy, cute, really pretty girls that cling on to him.

Any advice?

Try to be or do something at the same time and place as he is.

If I like a guy, I'll probably keep it to myself. Physical ways to know is if she:

  • blushes a lot
  • tries to get your attention
  • displays a sense of humor
  • acts indifferently
  • smiles a lot
  • sexual body language
  • starts dressing up, doing her hair
  • gets jealous if her crush is with someone else
  • acts more feminine
  • premeditated grooming
  • grooming while around you
  • avoiding eye contact
  • acting less flirtatious

In one of my new classes, I have met this guy. He's really shy and seems really uncomfortable around everyone, not just me. He pays a lot of attention to me and he comes to class early now and is dressing different but all of this could be a coincidence and I can't flirt at all, so it's driving me nuts!

Just talk to the lad, I'm sure he'll be very grateful.

I personally am very very shy, but for some reason I don't care at this point in time what people think because I'm new in school...I have somehow attracted the attention of an equally shy guy that follows me around but won't talk to me or anyone, so I have a plan to break the ice that will embarrass me instead of him. The next time he follows me to class, I will pretend-trip (well I'm probably going to trip sooner or later anyway) and see what happens. I'm not very good at flirting, so if I can get the dude to talk to me it might open up other doors or at least get me a friend in this dang place.

See comment above.

To get a boy to like me, first of all I do some research on him. I find out what he likes and what he doesn't like. Then I start talking to him. If you have this guy for a class just ask him if he can help you out in the assignment. Next I wiggle myself into his life by making friends with him, if I'm shy, I'll just hide my fear and shyness. Sooner or later he will fall for you, usually he'll show you this by playing around with you and acting like he's never acted before.

I am a very shy guy. I have never had a girlfriend, I am always nervous around crushes but not around girls in general. I had a lot of time to think about this one girl over winter vacation. She was the only thing on my mind and when school started again I found out that somebody leaked my secret to her. You know what I did? I decided for the first time in my whole life to just wait for her after class, ask her to talk for a sec. Told her basically that I thought she was super cool and that I would love to take her out to lunch.. Guess what? It worked! The only thing you have to lose is a fantasy, but YOU have to make the decision that you would rather have your arm around her than the other pillow on the bed ;)

Awesome! Let this be a lesson to all of us shy people...

This has been the greatest place I found for advice on this stuff. That pride thing, ya, I do that too, going away flirtingly. You know, see if the person likes you enough to have as much contact as you did, flirting.

Well, I think that if you like someone, you should just come right out and say it. Yea, sure, sometimes it can backfire, but other times it can be the best thing that could ever happen to you.

It really depends on the guy. Sometimes a guy can make me extremely nervous and shy. If that's the case, I wait for him to talk to me but I show him I'm interested by looking at him from across the room and smiling a lot when he talks to me. I also let him see that I'm nervous which actually helps if he is shy. If it's a guy that makes me louder. . . I joke around with him, poke/nudge him, ask him meaningless questions, make eye contact and I act like I am totally confident in myself. But it all depends on the guy.

I like this guy and one day he told me he liked me and he was very serious. But now he ignores me and then other times he tries to impress me. And when my friends ask him if he likes me, he says "No." But when his friends tell me that he likes me he does not deny it at all and he looks proud and open to me. I want to stop liking him, but I can't. It is so hard to!!!

The best way is to just make really good friends with the guy/girl that you like. Not doing anything, I learned, doesn't work at all...for obvious reasons. Talk to them a lot, weasel your way into being in the same lab group as him/her... pick the same book to read for English as they do. As a girl, I know that I love getting lots of attention (lol :) so that's good, but if you can just have fun together, that gives you a huge step ahead.

I ask his/her best friend about it and see what they reply.

I just found this lookin' around to see how you can tell if a girl likes you, but if I like a girl, I'll first think deeply about whether I really like the girl or not. I'll then ask my friends about what they think the chances are of a relationship between me and her are. If they don't think it's possible, usually I'll take their advice and just dream about her. If they think it's possible, then I'll try and spend a bunch of time with her, hang around her a lot, and yeah, I guess I try and touch her. If it turns out that she does like me, then I'll ask her out.

Now if only that would work once in a while...

Do what your heart tells you, regardless of what your friends think your chances are. What if they're wrong?

Well, I'm still working on my crush, but if you want to make a relationship work, then try to be good friends first. Then a little flirting, maybe some dates, keep asking the guy who he likes, or ask him what his biggest wishes are, play truth or dare jenga or any truth or dare game and ask him what his idea of the ideal girfriend is, try to get to know him, physical attraction is very good but when you're attracted to the personality then you keep on falling in love with him. Whatever you do, never just go up to a guy and ask him if he likes you, cuz that could scare him, wait a while, because you might ask him if he likes you too soon, and he says he doesn't, then he gets to know you more and then he ends up liking you and you already think he doesn't, so nothing happens. Another thing, give hugs as much as possible.

This would be an interesting story. 'Cause I'm a girl and usually I don't act the way people say girls act when they like a guy. When I like a guy, I usually can't look at him when I talk. So I look somewhere else. But I would stare at him when he looks elsewhere when we are in a conversation. Sometimes I avoid him and sometimes I try to get to know him. If he doesn't make the move, once in a blue moon I'll ask him for a pencil or help, or something like that. Sometimes I just treat him like another guy friend, or place him at the last priority on purpose. If any guy is really nice to me, I am very nice to him and usually give out signals that I like him without even knowing it. Like giving him full attention, lots of eye contact, body language that show I'm interested. The thing is, I'm really friendly and I do that to everyone. If I don't, then it means I hate them, but I don't do those things to the guy I really like, either. That's where it gets confusing for the guys. Like right now, I like this guy and I lose my smile every time I talk to him. I could barely look him in the eye when we're talking and he's looking at me, too. It's so weird.

Anyway, I have one friend who really really, LOVES this guy from afar. And she never EVER makes a move, never does anything close to obvious at all! And she never told anyone. (I finally knew when she moved so far away, she decided to tell me.) So just to tell y'all, people like that exist.

I think my secret is to flirt a little. Like, put your hand on his arm or laugh at his jokes even if they are not that funny. Just make him feel good and comfortable.

I think the best way to find out if a guy or girl likes you is by going up to that person if they won't go up to you. It will take balls, but how else will you find out?

You see, what I do is walk up to the girl and whip it out. She will usually act shocked and run away never to talk to me again. But it's bound to work sometime!

When I like a guy, I compliment him, touch him a lot in a subtle way, if he has curly hair than I will run my fingers through it and play with it, I look into his eyes for just the right amount of time, and I smile a lot of big smiles.

Well, let's see...there's this guy in my science class who I think is just so handsome, and I sit in front of him. He seems to tease me a lot and I'm always hearing my name for some reason and I can recognize his voice from anywhere. I can almost bet anything that the initial attraction was a physical one. I can tell he is very attracted to me physically and that itself can be an ice breaker or a reason for someone to want to talk to you. I know I tease him in other ways by playing really hard to get, and this leaves him confused sometimes as he thinks he's offended me somehow. I would just say unless the guy you like will always put forth his efforts to impress you because of your good looks, don't let pride get in the way. I have way too much pride and this hinders me from even saying hi when I see him. Guys will get confused for sure if you don't at least "ignore them the flirty way", which is the only thing my pride allows me to do.



So what's your secret? Give it to me, baby!