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OK. One, for starters, ladies and gentlemen, everyone is different, right? Ladies first all you need to do is ask one of the guy's friends...Guys, all you need to do is just sit back and observe, then wait and ask her friend, that's how I ask chicks out. (I haven't in a while after my last girlfriend kinda broke my heart) but that's my advice, hopefully it works for ya. Another way is to actually go for the kill first, instead of waiting for a slip up. This girl at my work, I like her and she likes me, she told me she likes me but she has a boyfriend. I'm too shy to tell her I like her, so I told her brother that I didn't and now I regret it. Later dudes and good luck.

I met a guy a few weeks ago, and next thing you know his friends are approaching me, telling me he likes me, but that he's shy. His brother says he talks about me all the time. So, okay, I'm convinced....but he won't talk to me!

I have a total crush on this guy who I have known since preschool. He lives up the street from me and is on my bus. I just don't know how to get him to notice me or how to tell if he likes me... SOMEONE HELP ME!! He has a girlfriend but I still totally like him!

PRESCHOOL? For the love of....Forget it honey, pursuing another chick's guy is considered "poaching" and totally not cool. Why? Because eventually, what goes around, comes around.

Ok, so I like this guy who is a little younger than me, but that is not the problem. The thing is, he flirts a lot, and I can never tell if he likes me or not. We are kinda friends, so I know who he likes, but I'm also pretty sure that if he did like me, he would not tell me. It's really frustrating, and I'm not the type of person to make the first move, esp. if I'm not sure if he likes me or not. I know, I'm pathetic, but I have to do something soon. I LOVE talking to him, so the truth will come out soon... MAYBE!!! I just need some encouragement, I think.

Just go for it. You'll feel good about yourself, and you'll be able to stop wondering whether he's interested or not!

I talk to him, at least a little...I'm kinda quiet around him because I don't want to say something stupid.

Well well well, after reading all this my secret is to be the girl whom you think would attract that guy... for example, if you feel that this guy would like a sporty girl, go sporty when seeing him. On the other hand, if he's the sort who likes feminine girls, go feminine... Oh and a plus point is to NOT WEAR ANYTHING TOO REVEALING!!! IT SUCKS BIG TIME!! Be innocence and yourself! Even if you have a great bod to flaunt.

I am a tomboy, so I think the game is played a lot differently without all the femininity. When I like a guy I will get to know him, play videogames, activities and other things we might have in common. I am absolutely horrible at deciphering if he likes me though because I have so many guy friends. They all say that is a huge turn off to potential dates too. Soooo I guess the best thing I can to is just to get a feel for how they treat me...the more they start to treat me like a lady the more interested they probably are. The ones that continue to shoot me with pellet guns are probably not as interested romantically, huh?! Anyway, I guess it all comes down to getting some guts and makin' a move. It has never failed yet. You don't have to change who you are to get him. Sometimes it just takes a little more effort to get him to see past other more "femininely ideal" girls to see what you have to offer. Go Tomboys!

I'm working on this guy right now, and what I am doing now has worked twice before except that before I was extremely shy. I still kinda am. I find something that we have in common and use it. In my school, it's basketball. Then I start a conversation and we become friends. Trying to talk to them gets hard because these particular guys are protected by the prisses of my school. When I talk to them it becomes more comfortable. This is going to sound weird but after getting them to be my friend, I then don't talk to them. They are sooo cute when they are confused. I talk to them again after a while and then I start the eye contact and the subtle touching. The guy that I am working on now is starting to respond, every time I play punch him or even play push him he pushes back. I then start giving the hugs. It's great thinking that you could have his arms around you all the time. Hope that I still have my charm. I really, really like this one!

When I like a guy, I get his attention or talk to him more but without letting him know that I have any interest in him at all. For instance, I smile and say "Hi" when I see him in the hall but then turn my back like I forgot I even saw him. Hard to get does work! The guys I only consider friends, I open up to right away and not only say "Hi" to them in the halls but I will run up to them and start a conversation. I know it's a little backwards, but that's how you catch people off guard isn't it?

A reader responded to the previous post:
"All I have to say to that poster is I hope you rot in hell. I hate girls like you. Guys never know where they stand with a girl like you and the guy you run up and talk to probably thinks you like him. You are evil and you are leading guys on."

When I like a guy, I smile a lot and scrunch up my nose when I laugh. If we're sitting next to each other, I'll cross my legs toward him and play with my hands. I also run my hands through my hair a lot. If we're talking, I'll smile while I'm looking at him, but I also look around and at the floor sometimes. I also keep shifting my balance. I'll try to relate to him a lot, like if he's telling a story, I'll relate something that happened to me with it.

FLIRT!!! That's the key to getting anyone!! Flirt and become friends with them and you should have 'em!!

She is my childhood friend but belongs to a family of higher standard than mine. More over she is doing her MBBS but I am a group B gazetted officer belonging to a lower middle class family. I am sure that she likes me. But don't know if she will accept me as her life partner. Some times she sends me quite sentimental cards. She calls me up. She likes to be with me, talk to me. But I am really confused if she loves me or not. Please help me to find it out through some playful manner, any questionnaire, etc, a humourous one.

Oh boy. This is totally out of my league, I mean your class system is different than ours...Dude, can't you just talk to her? Could you work this into the conversation: "I was wondering, what is your general opinion of Group B gazetted officers?" After she answers, you could add, "What about Group B gazetted officers named Arunachal?"

Anybody out there help this nice fella out?

well, I realli like dis guy. We met at da beginning of da school year been 2getha for a whole semester hez a really good friend and alwayz had been. But back then i didn't realize dat da signs he was showing dat he liked me. and now i like him but he doesnt show da same signs maybe cuz hez not in mah class ne-more and now dat i like him im gettin a lot more jealous... and i barely notice ne-thing. All I want to no is if a guy is sick and stayz at school juss for u does dat me sumthing or when he seems to be really impressed wit you. Or when he compliments you when he's going out wit some1 or when he payz more attention to u den her.

Lookit, you better stop cutting English class, becawz dis shit duz not fly n da ril wurld.

I have the biggest crush on this guy. I tell all my friends about him, and they think we are a perfect match. I have a lot of classes with him in school, and I see him all the time in the hall. I even started a conversation with him a few times. BUT I also think he likes me, too. He is always asking my for my homework. And the other day we were in math, and I asked him if he was going on this field trip, and he asked me what I was going to wear. I told him, and then I asked him the same question.Aafter he answered, I told him that he looked GOOD anyways. I was so embarrassed. Then the next day in English, my friend told me after class that my crush was staring at me the whole period. I really like him a lot.

Well, I would try to find out what he/she likes and what he/she doesn't like and actually start a conversation with him or her and see how it goes. I know I'm shy at times, but if you don't do anything about it you won't know anything about this person and you'll get depressed. It's very stressful when you like someone and keep thinking about that person, and if you don't talk to him or her makes you crazy. ( communication is the key)

Duuuude, I'm just totally in love with this chick in my class, we always seem to be uncomfortable around each other. I always get mixed messeges from her, like she always looks at me and I've caught her looking at me, too, but we hang out with two totally different crowds. I guess it's a stalemate until somthing drastic happens.

Dude. If she's in your class, ask her for help with something even if you don't need it. She's going to know what you're up to, but so what? She'll be soooo grateful for a valid excuse to talk to you. Trust me, this works. I've done it myself, and I am a very shy chickadee, so you have no excuse.



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