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I need an opinion on this. I like this girl at school. I think she likes me back for some reasons. Which are: #1, she's always flipping her hair when she talks to me, sort of like she's being flirtatious. #2, she always stares in my direction. She stares especially longer if I'm talking to another girl. #3, I got into a fight (more like a small conflict) with one of her best friends. It turned into a huge argument. Then, she got involved and took MY side...over one of her best friends. Not only that, but ALL OF A SUDDEN (all in caps, meaning very suddenly) she started talking and hanging out with some of my friends. What do you think of this?

She digs ya. If she didn't, would she do any of that obvious stuff? No, she wouldn't. Well, except for the hair flipping. Some girls like to do that because no one told them how annoying it is.

Well there is this girl Brooke who is in my class, we're both sophomores, and I really really like her. The thing is I'm really shy and can't tell if she likes me or not. I had this friend Laura and I had liked her for 2 years and I finally got up the courage and asked her out, and I ended up getting rejected so I'm kind of discouraged about the whole dating thing. I really like Brooke though and I need some sure way to see if she likes me so I don't lose another friend. She looks at me in class sometimes and I'll look back at her and we'll both smile, and like today in the hall I was talking to this guy and she was right behind me and I turned around and she said "nice haircut" and smiled at me and I said "thanks", smiled, and walked off. But besides that stuff we don't really talk a lot ever. I try and be funny around her too and she laughs at all my jokes, but ahhh I just don't want to get rejected again.

Duuuude. You get rejected once and you're ready to throw in the towel? C'mon. There are no sure things. You have to take a risk once in a while, and I'm pretty sure this one won't kill you. It will make you stronger.

I don't know what's wrong with me, but whenever I like a guy, and I'm talking to him, I would keep it very casual and like I'm not interested in him that way. Or, if he shows interest in me I would automatically speak to him in a rude way, and then it would end up being bad for me. He would just get totally turned off and never speak to me again or just not be as friendly and after that I would just end up feeling so sad about the way I've acted.

Even if you don't know why you're doing this, you know what you're doing wrong, so...stop it.

I totally let a guy know if I like him. I mean I point blank will tell them and they think that is awesome, but then they start acting like they don't like me anymore once the secret is out. Why do guys want to know that you like them and then drop you like yesterday's garbage?

You're taking all the challenge out of the pursuit. Make them work for it a little.

I just treat the guy I like as a friend, and flirt with him subtly. Like sometimes I will say hi to him in the morning, and then the next day I won't, and I will see what he does and every time he will walk up to me and ask me how my day is going so far. We have hung out A LOT on school trips and even away from school related functions. He is always asking me if I need a ride home, and he is acting like he likes me A LOT more each day, and our convos have grown longer and longer each day! Plus he asked me out to lunch the other day! But I have a question. We are going on another trip, where we will be staying overnight in a hotel. But we have to leave the school at 5:30 in the morning. So how do I get him to sit by me and how should I go about casually asking him if I can lay my head on his shoulder? I mean we sit together all the time, but I don't know if he is going to sit with any other people from the other band. Any suggestions?

If you want to sit next to him, just, oh, I don't know -- sit next to him. What's the big deal? If you want to be cute, say "Excuse me, is this seat taken?"

I'm in love with my best friend that I have known for almost three years. One day I told her how I felt and she told me I would never have a chance with her. The confusing thing is that sometimes she acts kind of weird. For example whenever I would talk to this female friend of mine, I would always catch her looking when I talk to her. Sometimes she would act like she is really interested in me, and talk about how she would rather get to know someone really good before she gets into a relationship. Sometimes she confuses me, and I don't ask her either because she says she sees me only like a good friend. Should I just ignore her?


Let me share a few rules that I have learned from the School of Hard Knocks. Following these guidelines will reduce the unnecessary melodrama and heartache in your life:

  1. If someone tells you she is not interested, believe her. She is doing you a favor.

  2. If someone doesn't reciprocate your efforts to get to know her, drop it and move on. She is doing you a favor.

  3. Do not waste time trying to figure out what someone really means when what she says is not what you want to hear. You don't have time to wonder why. Do not try to analyze someone's actions or behavior if it doesn't jive with what you think she should be doing. It is just a story that you made up, you don't know what's going on in her head, and most of the time, neither does she.
If you ignore her, and she changes her mind, great. But I wouldn't waste another second worrying about it. Dude, she flat out said you don't have a chance. That's great that she did! Do you know how many people waste years trying to keep hope alive? Sure it sucks right now, but it won't suck forever and all it means is that there is someone out there much better for you. There has to be.

I hear a lot of comments from people saying that if someone likes you, they'll tend to touch you or whatever. In my case...the guy who I think likes me won't even come close in touching me. But the thing about that; he touches everyone else casually. What do you make of this act?

It's not risky touching someone who isn't your "It" girl. It's hard to let someone know that you like her, because you're leaving yourself open for rejection. If he doesn't touch you he can keep his crush secret so he stays safe, unhurt.

Well, I know this is weird, but I kinda jokingly make fun of the guys I like. It's done outta affection and all, but I don't think it's a good idea what with the whole male ego thing. I'm always too afraid of rejection to actually tell the guy. But generally, besides that, I spend a lot of my time being "accidentally" near him and "accidentally" talking to him. I walk by him a lot and usually I'm friends with him. If I am, I talk to him more and I greet him more eagerly than my other guy friends at school. But can somebody get back to me on my whole teasing/making fun of method please?

Well eye contact is important, but touching the person is #1 when you're flirting or trying to get their attention. Touching their arm or punching them softly is also good.

Good conversation is always a must. Get on with the brain and the attraction follows. Girls love a man with a plan, men love a gal with a smile and a sense of humour from both is essential. Let's face it, laughter gets us through the hard times.

Well, I guess I'll put my story up here. I just started a new job at Chili's and find this girl there irresistible.

I was attracted to her right off, but a lot of times how a person is, and acts can be a big turnoff. This girl is really cool though, she's a hard worker and real friendly and has made me lose a lot of sleep lately though I'm not sure if she knows that.

There's a lot of ways I show a girl that I like her.

One is eye contact, and smiling. Standing closer, sort of gravitating to them but not too much. Like for example, at work with this girl, if we're at the computer ringing in food, I like to stand closer than I would anyone else while I wait.

I ask about her, just little stuff. Where she is from, what she likes. Not like an interview all at once :) But just little things every now and then when I get a chance to talk to her.

I talk to her more, I'm not quiet and talk to everyone I work with. When my shift is up though, I don't hang out and just talk to people as I've noticed a good bit of people do. However, when this girl works, if she's not busy when my shift is up and I see a chance to talk to her, I do, and really enjoy it :)

Flirting with her, trying to be funny. So I'll try to sum it all up as to how I act if I like a girl.

More eye contact, smiling, I'll show interest in her life (where she's from, what she does, what she likes), flirting, standing closer.

I'm hoping to ask this girl out shortly, it's kinda tough though since we are always really busy and only work together maybe 2 or 3 days a week. So I know I'm gonna just have to put it all out there and make it a point to either wait for her one day and ask her, or hope that the timing works out good one day or night where we have a few minutes we can talk.

It's hard to believe how difficult this is, I've been getting a lot more hours though, picking up shifts trying to work more with this girl :) That's good, at least.



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