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I was myself and flaunted my kindness, outgoing personality, spontaneity, and other good parts about my personality...it worked. He wrote to me in my yearbook asking if I would go out with him! I said yes, and we're still together.

Treat them well, be polite, let them know how much you care, TREAT THEM LIKE THE MOST PRECIOUS THING ON EARTH! Anyone loves that.

TWO WORDS: BE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!! I can't express this enough. If you project an image of yourself that isn't truly you, then you will attract others that aren't right for YOU, but for the fake image you put up.

Play up your assets--and I'm not only talking about physical assets! Show off your good sense of humor, your intelligence, your quirks, your talents. I guarantee that you will attract someone with something in common with you, or someone who is in love with these assets.


Well, I'm a girl. I don't think you can really get everyone with these techniques. Everyone is different and is into different things. I think you should just be you and how you would normally react. If you normally are shy, be shy, if you're giggly, be giggly. I say being you will get the guy that really likes you. If a guy liked you making eye contact, looking away won't make that big of a difference. Am I wrong? Well, what I like in a guy is creativity. I like it when he does something for me or says something that isn't the usual. I like stuff he thinks up on his own. For example, on a date instead of the movie, the children's musem, or the aquarium, or maybe the planetarium. Also for gifts, instead of candy or a teddy bear or flowers, maybe put paper hearts in my coat pocket or chocolate kisses, or a bouquet of fruit or something different that takes thinking. Maybe something personal that they would like and someone else wouldn't really understand.

Man, I gotta say, as a man, that the "ignoring" thing and flirting with every guy but him works WONDERS but to a certain extent. Do not overdo it, ladies, because eventually he's gonna start to think you flirt with every guy you meet so when you DO flirt, he'll think you're just flirty and probably don't like him, just having fun. If you do it just right, though, you'd get me so jealous and I feel like I HAVE to make you like me, so that I'd eventually start being a little less cool and start the chasing. That said, it works on you ladies as well, as I know from experience, so please don't think you have a little something on us ;)

I'm always willing to try new things and I'm not stuck in my ways. My guy friends love it cause I'm the girl they call when they want to try somthing new even if it's just a new bar or food, plus I score lots of dates with their buddies, cause they know I'll give anyone a chance.

Ok, girls, listen up. I'm a guy and I've been reading stuff saying that you shouldn't pay attention to him and that you should flirt with all the guys but him....First of all, that flirting with all the other guys thing makes him feel ugly and makes him think you're not attracted to him...and ladies, guys hate being turned down so they wait for every sign to be done before they ask you out...They want to be sure that you like him or else they'll just move on to the girl who is giving out the signs, and you lose your chance right there. So pay attention to him, not too much, but make him see that you notice him and go on from there.

So, I've known this guy since kindergarten, and he's always made fun of my hair. Even now, 11 years later, he still yells my name from across the field as loud as he can, flirts with my friends, and calls attention to us when I'm telling him to bug off. I've been reading a lot about flirting lately, and from what I read, it seems like he could be flirting with me. Is it true that after all these years, that he was not spiting me, but flirting with me?

Very possible! It's also possible he's just messing with your head.

The guy I like just told me he loved my smile. Now I smile a lot more around him.

First thing's first ... stop dressing like a cheap tramp! While some guys drool over that sort of thing, the guy that will treat you with respect (and stick around even after getting "the goods") will pass you by in a heartbeat! Be confident, not conceited. Be classy, not trashy. Be real, not fake. And a final word to the wise ... intuition is a woman's best friend! If it doesn't seem right, it probably isn't!!!

Don't give false information about yourself because it backfires. Believe me, I speak from experience!

Definitely....eye contact! When he looks your way, look right back at him, then look away. I promise, it works!!! I know, I have tried*

I always look like I am having fun and enjoying myself. I smile, laugh, and talk to lots of people. Works like a charm!

I'm on the shy side. When I like a guy this is how he should know that I like him: 1- He's the only guy in the crowd I don't talk to 2- All of the sudden I'm a walking disaster cause I start dropping things and I end up looking so retarded 3- This is tricky cause although at times I don't say a thing to the guy I like, there are those times when I can totally be me and I talk to the guy I like and I do this while looking right into his eyes 4- I stick up for him 5- I fix myself to look my best hair, make up (not too much....you don't want to send off a false advertisement) and 6- I make eye contact a lot. Any chance I get...although sometimes I'll avoid it just cause I am nervous.

When you like a girl, be thoughtful, caring, friendly and approachable. Believe me, it works, always keep track of the time and ask her if she's eaten already, if not, ask her out for lunch. When the girl feels your concern and thoughtfulness, she'll surely fall for you. Always remember to flatter girls, they like it!

Just don't try very hard.

My secret is to come off as unattainable. People ALWAYS want what they can't have.

I smile and laugh a lot. I make eye contact. But I try not to appear 'interested,' just friendly.

Well, when you like a guy, definitely, as has been written many times already, look at him. Don't stare to freak him out but look into his eyes several times. Smile when you glance at him. If he tells a joke or mentions something that is funny, don't be afraid to laugh or giggle. But if he really wasn't that funny, you don't have to necessarily laugh. You can give a small smile. Try to talk to him a lot and maybe mention doing things that he likes doing, too. Be yourself and don't try to hide anything, from the way you act to things you like to do. Remember, what you think is embarrassing, could be the coolest thing to him. One man's junk, is another man's treasure.

I think guys should stop being punks. All you have to do is be real with a girl, no beating around the bush just tell her how you feel. Even if you do get rejected by her, she will appreciate you being honest and maybe later on down the line she will give you a shot ("MAYBE").

I am shy and quiet, and strangely, some guys really seem to like that.

Sure, if you're shy, quiet and HOT.

I tend to give them candy, flowers, and maybe even a teddy bear.

Just strike up a conversation with him. Something you two have in common. When you talk to him look into his eyes. I read somewhere someone fell in love by just gazing into each other's eyes. I thought it was romantic. NE wayz, make sure you look good and have nothing in your nose or teeth and look your best, and don't forget to look into his eyes!

I'm a chick who is extremely outgoing and confident around every single human being except the guy that I am currently devastatingly in lust with. I am so intimidated by him that I act like he doesn't exist, even though he knows I think he's hot and he flirts with me endlessly...I still act like an ass. This crap has been going on for about three or four months. Every time I see him he flirts more and more...he's even called me at work with a stupid excuse for calling there. Now...I can't tell if he's just flirting with me like he does with every other chick or if this accidental, stupid behaviour of mine is working. Acting like I don't notice the person is a defense mechanism for me, not an approach. I'm in a predicament though because I think he's interested in one way or another. I don't have the courage to do or say anything to him to let him know that I want to get him alone and do very dirty things to him ;P

I guess my advice to other girls or guys who have this problem - try to be more confident because if I keep acting like a loser I might lose his interest. Any suggestions for someone who has no guts like me?

You said it yourself -- if you don't meet him halfway sometime eventually he is going to lose interest.

theres dis bird, that goes to my school. i sit next to her in my business class. we also speak quite a lot. the other day i saw her, and she was with a mate. her mate invited me round to her house, cos they was gettin ready for a meal. while we was dere she kept nudging me, sat on my knee, and stood in between my legs with her side facing me while she did her hair in the mirror. now im a bloke and im well bad at readin signs and all dat so WOTS GOIN ON?

Dude, dude, dude. This is called "flirting." It's what birds do when they want to attract other, um, male birds. Will you guys please stop playing dumb? It's getting on my damn nerves.

One thing I learned, but don't necessarily act on, is making the first move. I'm not just talking sex, even the simplest thing like asking a girl out, or the first kiss. If someone is "noticing" you, there is a reason.

The guy who wrote that below is right. Take it slow; don't rush it. Anyway, be yo'self, don't act like a ditz to get a guy to like you, get to know each other, don't rush it, and don't smother him. Make him want to be with you instead of making you look desperate to be with him. Give him time to miss you sometimes.

Smile, stay confident, be yourself! Don't be fake, no matter what! If a guy smiles at you a lot, or acts differently around you, (ex. he's usually loud but he acts quiet around you. It really doesn't matter what the change is as long as it's there) and makes up excuses to touch you or play with your hair then he probably likes you!

There is this girl in my mechanics class whom I'm very attracted to. The thing is when we're in class she shows a lot of attention. She leans on me, stares at me a lot, plays with her hair, and the other day she drew a heart on my hand with her first initial in it. She does these kind of things in class all the time, but when we're not in class she seems to ignore me. Can someone help me out here?

I posted this out of pity. Girls, see what we're dealing with here? Dude, what else do you want her to do -- come to class with your mug on her t-shirt? She's done enough. Ask her out, and get on with it already. Guys play hot and cold, too. If she turns you down, so what?

Just be confident, there is always someone looking at you for being just you. And by being confident, smile a lot and be carefree ...no one likes an unhappy face and a stiff body. Guys and girls will turn their heads your way. It's easier for them to actually get up and talk to you if you seem approachable. :)

When I really like a guy, first I start off with the eye contact and a secret smile and any attention you can bring to your mouth is a good thing...a small biting of the corner of your lip should do the trick. Lead them on, act like you're unattainable until you can't take it any more! And remember the main thing is lots of eye contact!! It works!

Ok Guys, let's say you have a girlfriend and some new chick at your work is flirting with you because she doesn't know you have a girlfriend. How do you handle it? Say you are attracted to her but crazy for your girlfriend. Do you not flirt back or what?

When I like a guy, I usually kind of ignore him and flirt with every other guy except him. I don't know why but I realized I do this. Sometimes I try to make the guy jealous. When I do talk to the guy, I usually can't make eye contact when I like him.

Ok, I have a question for you guys. How do you tell if I guy is interested in you for more than just sex. I have been fooled all too many times by guys who are a dream come true until I finally give it up. I'm talking months down the line here. They have even gone so far as to meet my family. So how do you tell?

I have learned from experience that you don't have to chase the guy you are interested in to get him to like you! It will just turn him off and he'll chase another girl who hardly pays much attention to him. Guys like a challenge. They like to think maybe they have no chance with you! It's weird, I know, but guys like that in girls. So even if you have a major crush on a guy and he might be giving you signals that he could be interested, don't pay him much attention. Give him space and it will save a lot of heartache in the end. Ignore your crush and see what he does. Have maybe a close friend tell him for you and then pretend like she was lying by your actions. 9 times out of 10 the guy will be chasing you.

If a man comes by you and then all of a sudden starts looking at you up and down, to your head all the way down to your feet does that mean he is checking you out?

Oy. Yes, but not in a flattering way.

I have a question...There's this guy, I asked him out a while ago and he took a few days to think about it, just left me hanging because he has so much pride and he eventually told me he didn't think it would work, but now I think he likes me but if I suspect wrong I don't want to make myself look desperate asking him out again (oh and did I mention I still like him even though it's been months since he turned me down, pretty pathetic isn't it) So what do you think should I ask him out or just give up?

FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, FORGET HIM. You've wasted too much time mooning over this lost cause already. This is not just for you, it's for everyone who asks me this same question. How long must I repeat myself? If someone turns you down, walk away and don't look back. He wasn't even nice about it! So how about you having some pride, hmmm?

Here's what I do when I'm crushing on a guy. Most of the time, I act like he could never get with me for anything, then I start to become noticeable to him in any way possible...going places he may be, talkin' to his friends, looking hot, the works. Then, if he's worth anything he'll talk to me, that's when I know it's not a waste of my time, it's when the guy tries to get to know me. So I tell all of my friends that I think the guy is hot stuff, because of course, I'm way too shy to let him know how I feel myself, and then it eventually gets around back to the guy, and he knows. That way the ball is in his court to what he wants to do. Then, if he's interested, he'll stay that way and we flirt continuously, until finally, we're both about to explode with hot emotion for each other, then if he knows anything he'll go in for the kiss and make the first move, if not, then nothing happens and it starts all over again.

I guess if your crush on the person has lasted a while {at the LEAST, a month or six weeks} and you notice some flirting - eye contact, sitting close, smaller things like staring in class or noticing he/she's going out of his/her way to find you -- well, you should start to take this seriously, (find a GOOD flirting tutorial, honestly!) But keep in mind, TRUE LOVE LASTS, so it really wouldn't matter if you waited a year to make your move, or the next second.

So, if you are eager to do something, try asking him over to your house, or to the movies at first. Something small, something casual so he doesn't have to dress like he's going to the prom or anything. I know people out there who flirt at every chance possible, but don't make it seem like you're too eager- the person might be afraid of you. If you really want to progress faster, do the casual invitations every weekend-- then progress to night invitations- a romantic candlelight dinner or a scary movie so you can hold his hand. The person you want to attract will be sure to accept graciously, unless s/he doesn't like you. In that case, try not to dwell on that person any longer- it will break your heart to pieces. (Unrequited love isn't a good thing.)

EYE CONTACT. Keep the glance to about ten seconds, look away casually, look back again. Twirl your hair (if you have any -- for gals) -- but not to the point where you're being sickening about it. Drop in a hint about a place you wanna go -- "I really miss going to the movies, [his/her first name with a sorta emphasis]" if he is attentive of you, he'll notice the somewhat subtle hint and answer with something like "Yeah! Maybe we can go together on Saturday afternoon!" Blush sometimes. Giggle sometimes, but not to the point where you are giggling at nothing -- not EVERYTHING they say /has/ to be funny. There's so much more to know. But, just BE YOURSELF! (and really, get a flirting tutorial- it helps, especially for shy folk like me.

Love is friendship that caught fire. With this in mind, become friends first, take it slow, but at the same time, make it known. The other person should be comfortable and want to be around you very much.

When I like a guy, I try to look well groomed (hot clothes, glamorous hair and sexy make-up), hang out with a bunch of good looking guys and try to make him jealous. If I look at him, I don't smile...I can't bring myself to do it!!!

Please tell me...if a guy looks at you but isn't smiling....but does it a lot...is that good or bad?

I'm not sure...sounds a little creepy...maybe you should try smiling at him!

Never come off as needy or obsessive. People like a challenge; if you give them everything they want up front they'll leave for sure. Case in point: I had a girlfriend once who did everything for me -- she cooked me breakfast, she washed my car for me, she called me all the time -- and soon after that I broke up with her. I might sound like a jerk, but I just wasn't interested in her because she came off as obsessive. It's not an attractive quality; whereas, I was totally interested in a girl who wouldn't give me more than a "Hi."

When you're flirting with a person, make it a long process. Relationships are so much sweeter when you've put in lots of flirting and guesswork before you start dating. Sure it might be a little confusing, but it's definitely worth every minute of it.



So what's your secret? Give it to me, baby!